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10 False Truths About Hair Transplant 2022 NEW

10 False Truths About Hair Transplant, With its perfect results, hair transplantation is an increasingly preferred treatment for hair loss. The first phase of hair transplantation, through which, due to proper planning and implementation, you will get natural and healthy hair that will affect you for a lifetime, is the decision phase. The decision-making phase begins at the moment when progressive hair loss reaches a level at which it becomes noticeable.

10 False Truths About Hair Transplant, If the decision for a hair transplant has been made, the person has already informed himself about the topic. The simplest method of information for such questions is undoubtedly the Internet. The Internet, which can be a very efficient means of communication with proper and appropriate use, unfortunately, due to many publications made in ignorance, contains a lot of information, the correctness of which has not been proven.

As in many other health issues, many false information is published by people with insufficient qualifications. When it comes to health issues, we recommend that you carefully evaluate all information and other media, and yet rather trust scientific institutions.

In this article, we will tell you the 10 most common untruths about hair transplants with explanations

  1. Hair transplantation is only a temporary method of treatment
  2. Hair transplants can only be performed on men.
  3. Hair transplantation is a painful method of treatment.
  4. Hair transplantation cannot be performed at an advanced age.
  5. The best results can be achieved only in young patients.
  6. The result of a hair transplant is immediately visible.
  7. Hair transplantation is a very expensive method of treatment
  8. Hair from other donors can be transplanted.
  9. Before a hair transplant, the hair of the patients is completely shaved.
  10. Hair transplantation does not give a natural-looking final result.

Hair transplantation is a temporary method of treatment

The first untruth about hair transplantation is the belief that hair transplantation is only a temporary method of treatment. The transplanted hair is taken from the back of the head, called the donor area. This area is also known as the ”safety area”.

Since these hairs are not affected by the DHT hormone, they are resistant to falling out. By taking the hair follicles from the so-called donor area, where the hair is resistant to lose, they will carry the same genetic characteristics. Thus, the new hair follicles will maintain their resistance to failure in the following years. At this point, it is appropriate to briefly address the topic of ‘shock failure’.

10 False Truths About Hair Transplant, The shock loss, which occurs about two to four weeks after the transplant, is the result of the short-term trauma of the transplanted hair follicles and hairy skin. This is inevitable after a hair transplant. It is an absolutely normal and temporary circumstance. Even if the transplanted hairs fall out during the shock loss, the hair follicles are not damaged, and the necessary area for re-growth is created as a result.

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10 False Truths About Hair Transplant
10 False Truths About Hair Transplant

Hair transplants can only be performed on men

Even if one initially thinks of men when it comes to hair transplants, hair transplantation is now also a suitable method for women due to the current state of treatment options. In fact, according to statistics, 14.7% of all patients who have hair transplants are women. In general, women have a hair transplant to pull the hairline further into the forehead or to increase the hair volume.

In the case of hair transplantation in women, it is not necessary to shave the entire hair. It is shaved on the back of the head, where the hair follicles are taken, namely between the ears a small, not visible window. Since this does not affect the appearance in any way, it is not even visible that an operation has been performed. For this reason, hair transplants are also often preferred by women.

Hair transplantation is a painful method of treatment

Hair transplantation operations have made great progress, especially in the last ten years, and are now performed in the globally recognized FUE technique. The successful and natural results of the FUE technique were also the leading factor in taking the steps towards increasing the comfort of the patient. This goes so far that patients can now spend the time of the procedure, almost completely painless, watching TV or reading books.

This is made possible by the developed techniques, as well as groundbreaking local anesthesia, which is performed without injection and pain. Before the procedure, the transmission area, and after it the area where the transplant is to be performed is locally anesthetized. In general, pain is no longer felt during the transplant procedure as soon as local anesthesia begins to act.

In conventional hair transplantation methods, the anesthetics are injected into the scalp. With this procedure, it is inevitable that the patient will feel some pain. This circumstance can cause concern for people who are undergoing a hair transplant and yet are afraid of injections.

Nevertheless, hair transplant operations can now be performed by special anesthesia devices without injections, even without pain. These special devices use a pressure spray system to ensure that the anesthetics are placed under the skin.

The effect of these needle-free injectors occurs faster compared to injection anesthetics and is, therefore, more comfortable. People who, due to a phobia before injections, doubt whether they should have a hair transplant, can comfortably have their operation performed thanks to this method.

Hair transplantation cannot be performed at an advanced age

10 False Truths About Hair Transplant, Another prejudice against hair transplantation is that it can not be done in people of advanced age. First of all, it is necessary that the person has sufficiently large and healthy hair on the area at the back of the head, called the donor area. Whether a person is suitable for a hair transplant is influenced less by his age, but rather by his hair loss pattern.

With regard to hair transplants, the age criterion is only decisive to the extent that the hair loss continues. The most frequently observed reason for hair loss worldwide is Androgenetic alopecia – plant-based hair loss – a type of hair loss that lasts a lifetime. But it is also known that hair loss slows down at the age of 35-40 years. Of course, people who have not reached this age can also have a hair transplant, but they should be told that a second or third procedure may be necessary due to persistent hair loss.

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The best results can be achieved only in young patients

Even if the saying “prevention is better than aftercare” is justified for many areas, it does not have to be correct for hair transplants. Some people have a hair transplant with the thought “the sooner the better” before their hairline has moved too far back. Although this may be the right decision for some, they are convinced that hair transplantation at an advanced age offers advantages.

Young people who suffer from hair loss and hastily have a hair transplant performed without thinking about the future can cause negative results that can no longer be reversed. In cases where hair loss continues, it must be expected that the transplanted hair will fall out later and the donor area may no longer be suitable for a repeat of the procedure. Especially for young people under the age of 20, we recommend that you visit a specialist and first carry out preventive treatment with medications or lotions before making a wrong decision.

10 False Truths About Hair Transplant
10 False Truths About Hair Transplant

The result of a hair transplant is immediately visible

10 False Truths About Hair Transplant, After a hair transplant, you naturally want to see the result immediately. After a hair transplant, the recovery process and the healthy growth of the hair are completed after a period of about twelve months. Most patients go through a sudden hair loss, called shock loss, two to three weeks after the procedure. After the procedure, this is a natural process that almost all patients go through.

There is no need to worry. After the shock loss, the hair follicles now go into the phase of renewal. However, after an average of two to two and a half months, the hair goes into the growth phase and then grows an average of 1.5 cm per month. From the ninth month, the hair then begins to take its own shape and by the end of the first year, the hair unites with the natural hair and now appears thick and dense.

Hair transplantation is a very expensive method of treatment

Nowadays, people suffering from hair loss can spend extremely large sums to regain their original hair splendor. This is confirmed by the daily growing sector of hair care products. If you look at the expenses for artificial hair replacements such as wigs and their annual care costs, the cost of a permanent treatment such as a hair transplant is even cheaper for you. Especially in Turkey, very favorable treatment and very good service to the patient are offered without compromising on quality.

In a country that is the leader in hair transplants, strong competition is inevitable. This leads to the fact that the hair transplantation institutes in Turkey are constantly striving to provide a better service and to improve the developments and conditions. However, we consider it important to draw attention to the following point: choosing a hair transplant only because of the low price can cause irreversible consequences. Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from clinics that perform this procedure very cheaply.

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Hair can be transplanted from other donors

10 False Truths About Hair Transplant, One misconception that we often encounter when it comes to hair transplants is the belief that a hair transplant can be performed with hair follicles from another donor. The most important prerequisite for a hair transplant is that the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from the person himself. Even if hair transplantation is referred to as the removal of hair follicles from hairy skin and implantation in the necessary places, it is by no means to be considered an organ transplant.

The hair root, which is taken from the area resistant to hair loss and referred to as the donor area, is perceived as its own tissue at the places where it is implanted and continues to grow there with the characteristic properties of the place of collection. Hair roots that are taken from one person and implanted in another are perceived as a foreign body and rejected, except for identical twins.

Before a hair transplant, the hair of the patients is completely shaved

The advances and hair transplantation techniques that have been made since the beginning of this treatment now allow a procedure without completely shaving the hair. Shaving-free hair transplantation is a very popular treatment method, especially for women who were concerned about their appearance after hair transplantation and doubt.

This treatment is carried out using two techniques:

The method of shaving in a non-visible place:

This is the method of shaving a small rectangle on the back of the head for people with long hair and taking the hair follicles. Since this small shaved area is covered by the upper hairs after the procedure, not only is there no change in appearance, but it will also not be notified that an intervention has been made.

The method without shaving:

10 False Truths About Hair Transplant, This is the method in which the donor area and the transplant area are not shaved. The shave-free method is based on the principle that the transplantation between the existing hairs is performed using the DHI technique and an implanter (choir). “With a small expected area of transplantation in a limited area, good results can be achieved using this method.

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