10 Tips to lose the holiday pounds!

We all know how the holidays without tables and lots of food, it’s not a holiday. It is very normal to eat more during the holidays and have fun with your friends and family. For that reason, don’t feel guilty for stepping out of the ordinary and seeing a little of it body to change. We will suggest you some tips to lose the holiday pounds and they will help you stick to your schedule!

How to lose the holiday pounds?

1. Don’t weigh yourself all the time

Initially, the scale it is not an objective criterion to see if you have gained or lost weight. What you need to understand is that the numbers are relative and have nothing to do with what you see in the mirror. For this reason, take the scales out of your everyday life. Focus on to you eat healthier and not whether you will see the number decrease.

2. Empty the fridge of unhealthy food

It is very normal to see something in the refrigerator you and be constantly tempted to consume it. Therefore, if you want to enter a more healthy programbetter to empty your cupboards of food left over from the holidays.

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3. Set small exercise goals

It is likely that you too have had the chance in the past to write to gym and after 2 months, or less, give up. This happens because, at the beginning, we start very energetically and then our stamina and willpower decrease. For this reason, start it exercise program your with small goals. For example, tell yourself that you will go to the gym 2 times a week and not 5. Once you see that you are achieving these small goals, you can gradually increase them.

4. Choose healthy foods that you like

Don’t put yourself through the process of eating foods that he hates, simply because they are healthy. Be sure you won’t last long. Choose foods you like and look for different ones healthy recipes with these materials. That way, you’ll eat healthy, but you’ll also be happy about it!

5. Eat your vegetables first

A good tip to eat more vegetablesis to prepare a bowl of salad before putting your main meal and eat it on the spot. That way, you won’t leave the vegetables aside because you’ve had your fill of your main meal. At the same time, it will reductions and hunger resulting in you consuming less food.

6. Make snacks more enjoyable

It is no coincidence that they say balance is everything. One of the smartest tips to lose the holiday pounds is to choose correctly what to eat. You don’t have to cut them off completely sweetfor example. Pick a day of the week and make one yourself healthy dessert. Thus, you will also consume its chocolate and it will be healthier for your body.

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7. Add healthy fats to your diet

In addition to unhealthy fats, there are also healthy fats. These are for example, avocado, nuts, salmon, olive oil. These foods will give you energy during the day, but you will also feel more “full”. Remember, however, that they need moderation to remain “healthy fats”.

8. Eat lightly in the evening

Keep in mind that in the evening it would be good to consume less calories than the rest of your day. In addition, eat relatively early depending on the time you sleep, so you have time to digest. Don’t forget that not eating at all dinner it is not ideal, as the human body needs the necessary daily calories to function properly, but also to do combustion.

9. Cut back on sugar

If you drink a lot of soft drinks or put sugar in your coffee, it would be good to reduce them. Choose a day of the week when you can drink your favorite soft drink or juice. But, on the rest of the days it is better to replace all these drinks with water or something green tea or drink your coffee straight.

10. Stick to your schedule!

One of the most important tips to lose holiday pounds or extra weight in general is to stick to your schedule every day. No one managed to lose kilograms within one night. I know very well that it is extremely difficult to stay committed to one diet and exercise program. But, it takes effort and a lot of patience to reach the desired result. And don’t forget, that if you screw up your schedule for a few days, the world won’t be destroyed either. Just make sure you get back into a routine quickly!

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