3 Simple Steps for Beautiful and Groomed Nails

All women want to have beautiful and well-groomed nails. But sometimes the nails are more fragile and do not grow easily. Or we don’t take care of them as much as we should.

In this article of our magazine, we will tell you 3 simple and easy steps to keep your nails beautiful and well-groomed at all times. No cuticles, cuticles and dryness.

3 simple steps for beautiful and well-groomed nails

Step 1

If your nails are painted first, bleach them with cotton and acetone. Take a bowl of warm water and put both your hands in it to soak and soften. You can also put in a couple of drops of nail oil for better hydration. Leave them in the water for 10 minutes.

Once you get the nails out of the water, wipe them with a clean hand towel. Then take a file for natural nails and give your nails the shape you want (if they are short, prefer a square shape with sweet corners, if you are long, prefer oval)

Step 2

After you are done with the shape you gave your nails, wipe your nails well with a nail brush to remove the dust. Then put some hand cream on the cuticles and with a pusher or a nail stick start to slowly push the cuticles upwards.

After you have finished with the cuticles, carefully take a nail clipper and start cutting very carefully so as not to bleed the protruding skin and the toenails if you have them.

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Then take a nail scrub and massage your hands. Then wash your hands well so that there are no residues from the scrub so that the skin is not greasy. Dry your hands with a clean towel.

Step 3

After wiping your nails thoroughly with a hand towel. Apply a layer of base coat to all nails. You wait a while for the base to dry and choose a varnish in whatever shade you like. You pass one layer again on all the nails. You wait a bit for it to dry and then you pass another hand again for a better result and wait for it to dry. If you want the color you chose to be more intense, you will apply a third coat.

And finally, after you have finished with the varnish, apply the top coat (the nail polish). After your nails have dried well, apply a hand cream to the skin of your hands without touching your nails because they may not have dried well yet.

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