4 benefits of dates in pregnancy

We can agree that dates don’t look good, but they boast a lot beneficial properties for health and they become particularly precious for us women, especially during some phases of our life. So let’s try to find out together which are the benefits of dates in pregnancy and how they can alleviate the hassles of gestation.

Dates to control weight

During pregnancy we definitely need more energy, especially as the belly gets heavier. And we know that sugars almost always provide us with the energy needed to face the day, but we who are particularly careful about weight certainly cannot afford the pleasure of sweet snacks. Dates, on the other hand, are counted among the good and healthy sugars that can refresh our strength without having deleterious effects on weight.

Dates, a good source of fiber

Our body undoubtedly needs fiber, especially for adjust the intestinal functions and avoid constipation which is widespread during pregnancy. In addition, the fibers help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and lower the chances of running into it gestational diabetes, which is why, being an excellent source of fiber, dates are undoubtedly indicated during gestation.

Dates as a source of folic acid

The folic acid in pregnancy it is very important because it promotes iron assimilation and therefore prevents anemia. It also helps prevent certain fetal defects and deformities that can cause both brain and spine problems. For this reason it is good to include some dates in your diet during pregnancy.

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Dates, a good source of iron in pregnancy

Iron plays a vital role in many of the metabolic processes and is particularly important during pregnancy because it prevents anemia in babies and makes their immune systems stronger.

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