5 basic rules that if you apply them you will lose weight

It is the most important meal of the day. The one you shouldn’t miss, as it fills you with energy and activates your metabolism. After all, the good day from breakfast seems. For that, and you have to spend time preparing it and have all the necessary nutrients on your plate. So today we share them with you basic rules that if you follow them with the first meal of the day you will lose weight!

Prioritize protein

It’s the ingredient that slims you down in the most satisfying way. You add it to your breakfast, you are full, you have the necessary energy – especially if the next stop of the day is not the office, but the gym – and you feel full for a long time. So what’s better than starting your day with boiled eggs or – even better – an omelette with vegetables? Eggs provide protein of high biological value, which means that your meal, in addition to a rich taste, will also have a high nutritional value. For even better fat burning, you can combine your eggs with avocado.

Don’t drink your vitamins

A smoothie may seem like the easiest solution to a really busy day – after you put the fruits and vegetables you like in the blender, blend them and Voila your breakfast is ready – but, according to the experts, it is better to consumptions in their natural form. In this way, you will avoid the unnecessary sugars that always find space in your smoothie and you will reach satiety sooner, since – however we do it – chewing food tricks the brain.

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basic rules that if you apply them you will 1

Add a… garnish

No, what you imagine! There are some, however, small in the eye, big in nutritional value, ingredients that activate your metabolism quickly. Flaxseed, chia seeds and some herbs are enough to stimulate the metabolism and speed up your weight loss.

Take your time and chew slowly

It’s morning and you’re in a hurry. Breakfast, however, needs its time. To enjoy it and fill you up with fewer calories. Chew your food well, in small amounts. It is very important to chew your food well, since in this way you help digestion. Otherwise, you find it difficult to digest, you feel intense bloating in the stomach, while the body has difficulty breaking down food, as a result of which vitamins and minerals are lost from our body.

Always have 4 ingredients

Carbohydrates, good fats, protein, iron. These are the four ingredients you should always have in your breakfast. Thus, you don’t just nourish your body, but you help your metabolism to activate and burn those calories that you can’t get rid of for so long.

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