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5 Causes of Premature Aging of the Face – 5 Ways to Treat

Your daily routine should include facial care and treatment. If you neglect moisturizing your face, it ages prematurely. We have 5 causes that tilt the face as well as 5 ways to deal with it.

5 Causes that prematurely age the face

1. You neglect the moisturizing or anti-wrinkle face cream

You forget to put on your moisturizer or anti-wrinkle face cream. If you don’t apply face cream every day depending on your skin type and age, of course your skin will be dehydrated and dry. The skin needs protection and hydration. Your daily routine should include facial hydration. The skin looks tired if it is not properly moisturized.

2. The smoking

Smoking causes problems both for health and for the skin of the face. It changes the appearance of the face and makes it look more aged and worn. It also causes wrinkles around the mouth and neck because it reduces blood oxygen and makes the skin look tired.

3. You don’t drink a lot of water

During the day you don’t drink much water, as a result of which the facial skin is dehydrated and dry. Water has no calories and makes your skin glow. Prefer to drink water instead of soft drinks.

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4. You don’t sleep well

If you don’t rest and sleep well, dark circles will gradually form under the eyes and your face will look tired. Sleep is the best thing for the skin of the face.

5. You neglect the sunscreen face cream

Especially in the summer months, it is good to put on your sun cream depending on what type of skin you have. This does not mean that in the winter you will not use sun cream since we have sun in Greece in the winter as well. It’s just that in the summer the sun is more intense. When you neglect sun protection, freckles will appear on the face and premature aging of the face.

Ways of dealing with

1. Facial hydration

Add facial hydration to your daily routine. Every morning clean your face well and then apply the moisturizer you have chosen according to your skin type. Depending on your age, you will also use the appropriate creams that your face needs. With hydration, your face will glow and the appearance of the skin will look young and naturally fresh.

2. Makeup remover

Always remove make-up with a cleansing emulsion or facial make-up remover water before going to bed so that no make-up remains. If you don’t remove your make-up, annoying pimples will appear on your face and your skin will become dehydrated. Also, after removing the make-up, put on the moisturizing face cream.

3. Face sun protection

The sun cream protects your face from the sun’s rays, especially in the summer months when the sun is more intense. It is good to apply sun cream with the index that your skin needs. So neither pimples will be created nor the skin will be irritated by the sun. Don’t forget the sun cream to have a beautiful and youthful face.

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4. Drink water

During the day drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. Water hydrates the epidermis of the skin and makes it shiny. And of course it protects against premature aging of the face. Prefer to drink water instead of soft drinks that have both calories and sugar.

5. Choose the right products for your face

It is good to choose according to the needs of your face and the appropriate products. (The type of skin you have). Prefer to get good quality products for the skin of your face. It also has affordable products that are very good.

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