5 Characteristics of Toxic People to Recognize Them

The toxic people they exist everywhere. More specifically, it is a category of people who sucks energy, they make you feel insufficient and questioning both your abilities and your feelings. You may meet toxic people in your work environment, in friends you, in your romantic relationships, even in your own family. The question is, are the toxic signs they emit visible to you? Below you will see 5 characteristics of toxic people, to think about if you have someone like that around you.

5 Behaviors of a toxic person!

1. Your feelings are not enough

The manipulative peoplethey always have something more than you. Are you bad today? Yes, but he is worse. In general, your feelings don’t matter that much. They make you believe you shouldn’t feel the way you do. That you exaggerate. Your own feelings seem absurd at that moment.

2.Excuse me?

You will never hear this magic word from their mouths. Right is always on their side and Sorry it is not part of their vocabulary. On the contrary, admitting their mistake seems like a distant dream. In fact, they are trying to get you to apologize. The technique is to distract you from the topic you are discussing and which is wrong. “Yes, this happened now, but do you remember what you did then?”

3. Another in front, another behind

Another characteristic of toxic people is that only you may know it their true face. Other people who know them may be surprised by your complaints. “But since he’s the best kid.” More specifically, these people pull it off worst self them in front of you, and in front of others they are good.

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4. Intense criticism

The intense critisism is another key feature toxic behavior. You will always do something wrong. Something will always not be enough, you could have done it better than you did. All these characteristics build self-doubt and make you doubt both your feelings and your abilities.

5. No respect for your boundaries

Their limits are important. Your limits, again, are not. Their own free time, their own activities are very important. Yours aren’t. Undeniably, toxic people don’t show no respect for your own boundaries and interests.

Surely, while you were reading this article, some people who have passed through your life came to your mind. The advice we have to give you is, if there are such people in your environment, to remove them. Such a decision is difficult, especially if it is in your close family circle. However, keep your distance!

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