5 creative ways to announce your pregnancy

For many couples “getting pregnant” is a reason for much happiness and joy. In some cases, both are aware of the suspected situation of the pregnancy, but in others, only the woman discovers it and has the task of making the fabulous news known to her father. So this article is for you. We will teach you 5 creative ways to announce your pregnancy.

#1 Baby clothes in her underwear drawer

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the sex, buy some baby clothes that you like, fold them nicely, organize your husband’s underwear drawer, so that his clothes are tidy and next to the baby clothes.

Thus, at the moment of changing, he will discover the baby clothes and immediately he will call you screaming to ask you, what does all that mean? You will be surprised trying to assimilate the news.

#2 Plan “You are going to be a Dad”

Ask for help from several accomplices who interact with your husband during the day and give them things that clearly carry the motto “You are going to be a dad”, and that they approach him so that he can see it, but without showing it to him directly.

The idea is that several times during a day, he can see this motto and think that it cannot be a coincidence that he has seen it so many times a day.

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It can be your neighbor in a t-shirt, or your mother reading the newspaper, or a notice in the bathroom at work, the notes on your co-worker’s desk, a casual conversation between two people he frequents, a notice in the bar , a cup where they offer you a coffee, etc.

Sooner or later it will seem suspicious and he will wonder if the message is for him.

Ask your accomplices that if he were to ask them to give him the silliest and most laughable excuses possible so that he understands that something strange is happening. You must be the one to clarify the doubts of this poor confused man.

#3 The mail arrived

Send to print on rigid material such as cardboard or thin cardboard a phrase that will say “Soon someone will tell you Dad”, if it is cut it in the form of a puzzle or cut it out yourself. Now, wrap it like a postage package, put stamps on it, if possible from another country to increase the intrigue.

Ask an accomplice to deliver it to your house when your husband is home, to ask for him and to say that he can only deliver the package to him.

You will act surprised as much as your husband will. When he sees something so strange, he will open it and when he puts it together, surprise! He will discover the phrase and this will be the moment to laugh and celebrate the news together.

#4 Surprise: The belly

Buy yourself a beautiful dress, a look that you like as a pregnant woman. Dress up and put something under your clothes, on your belly so you look about 7 months pregnant.

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Wait for him dressed when he arrives, as far as possible he will not see you face to face when entering.

That he sees you from behind, if he comes and approaches or hugs you he will notice, but if he doesn’t, act normally without turning around and that he only sees you from afar, at some point he will notice it and be surprised, at that moment will understand the happy news.

#5 Surprise meeting

Your closest friends and family will be invited to a surprise dinner. No one will know the reason. You will gather them to share with them an important event.

Ask guests not to reveal their suspicions until the time you tell them to.

When all the guests have arrived, you will ask them to sit in a circle around your husband, you will blindfold him.

You will give each one a baby object and ask that no one explicitly say the reason for the celebration. Each one will be able to say something about the object they receive, describing it without saying the name of the object.

You will ask your husband to listen carefully to everything the guests say and try to guess the reason for the celebration. It is likely that he will be wrong several times, but that will be the fun, if he manages to guess that you are pregnant.

This beautiful news is cause for great celebration for all your loved ones, enjoy sharing your happiness with others.

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