5 Easy Foods for Great and Glowing Skin

Surely most of us have a favorite face cream that helps our skin stay glowing but the truth is that care products, without being unnecessary, only nourish it superficially and nothing can replace nutrition, which gives beauty and health over time.

Below we have selected some incredibly nutritious foods that you can easily add to your daily routine.

5 Easy Foods for Great and Glowing Skin in Winter!

1. Carrots

Carrots, whether in food, in salad, or as a delicious juice, are rich in Vitamin A which gives a warm glow to the skin, prevents wrinkles and heals sunburns the summer. Vitamin A is also found in spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

2. Oranges

Vitamin C it is a must if we want a truly glowing skin and oranges are known to be the most common source of it. The natural oils of the orange provide hydration and freshness to our skin and vitamin C helps to collagen formation which holds the skin tight and has an anti-aging effect.

3. Avocado

Avocados contain healthy fats that work wonders for hydration and firmness of the skin. Except vitamin Cwhich we talked about above, contains Vitamin E as well as her Biotina type of vitamin B, which are known for their beneficial properties on the skin and hair!

4. Dark Chocolate

Dear sin and temptation, did you know that chocolate also has its benefits? Of course it has like most things, as long as we keep a measure – with this particular one I personally find it a bit difficult. So cocoa, which is the basis of chocolate, is rich in antioxidants which they soften the skin and improve blood circulation in the skin. We prefer dark chocolate for less sugar and more beauty!

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5. Green Tea

Finally, the popular and aromatic green tea is a refreshing drink that can easily replace one or all of our daily coffees. One of its many benefits is that protects the skinthe moisturizes and improves elasticity of, as it is rich in antioxidants and catechins. Caution! Avoid adding milk as this combination will reduce the effect of antioxidants.

Extra tips for perfect skin!

Don’t forget to hydrate often, in other words don’t forget to drink Water! Water plays a very big role in the health of the skin – in its hydration and in the prevention of wrinkles – in our metabolism, and in many other things, and unfortunately we neglect it very often, especially in Winter!

Besides food and water, hygiene plays a big role in the appearance of our skin. It is good not to touch our face before washing our hands as there are many germs that can contaminate it. It is also good to clean it thoroughly every night and remove any external dirt or make up.

The above suggestions are only 5 of the numerous choices you can make to have a beautiful, nutritious and tasty everyday life together! Get inspired!

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