5 Things that “suck” your energy

It is important to learn to recognize what is eating away at you energy and get as far away from it as possible. Many times, in fact, what consumes your energy may not be some external factor such as work or friends, but one of your own internal defense mechanism that you developed to feel safe.

Anyway, when a situation does not serve you and holds you back, it is good to review and leave it behind. What could be holding you back and throwing you off psychology; Below we will give you 5 important examples!

5 Things that make your everyday life difficult & deprive you of energy

1. Constantly saying ‘yes’ to others’

‘Yes, I can work an extra 2-3 hours’, ‘Yes, I can hold your baby for today’, ‘Yes, I can go out while I’m stressed’. These are some examples of how easily you can burn yourself out from constantly saying ‘yes’ to others. Even if it’s something simple, there’s a good chance it will affect you in a big way. So it is very important to set them limits with others but also with yourself so that you are not pressured.

2. Trying to be perfect

The standards of a modern woman are very high. Society pressures women to be perfect partners, dynamic workers, infallible mothers. You are not perfect, nor will you become perfect and that is perfectly normal. Be the best version of yourself and relax so you can enjoy life. There is no reason to succumb to social ‘musts’: set your own standards!

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3. Social media – things that suck your energy

According to research, people who use social media are 3 times more likely to develop mental illnesses. You must always keep in mind that social media in no way reflects reality. Everyone shows the best version of themselves through many filters. Seeing only this side of those around you makes you feel inadequate.

A typical example is the recent publication of the well-known model Bella Hadid, who revealed that she is dealing with chronic depression. While she is a role model for millions of women and appears to be living a happy and luxurious life, the bottom line is far from what we have seen for so long.

4. Toxic people drain your energy

Having toxic people in your life is unnecessary and destructive. The toxic people they not only suck your energy but also spoil your mood, create prejudices about other people and fill you with negativity. People in your very close circle can also be toxic, such as your parents, your siblings or your best friend. Review your relationships and distance yourself from people who don’t serve you!

5. Overanalyzing – habits that eat up your energy

The overthinking, commonly n over resolution, it doesn’t help you anywhere. Yes, it is good to analyze your thoughts so that situations mature within you. But it is not good when you do this to an excessive degree and in everything that happens to you. Not everything has an explanation and you don’t always have to have something to occupy your mind. The quiet moments where you won’t think about anything can be healing for your mind and soul.

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