6 quick tricks to make your ceramic hob look like new

The ceramic hob is a cooking system that has been imposed in recent years as a successor to the stove, the difference is that the first works with electricity and the second with gas. However, their biggest difference is in the maintenance of each one, because they should not be cleaned in the same way. Cleaning the ceramic hob is much more comfortable, although you have to know what to use to remove all the dirt embedded in the plates without damaging them.

6 Tricks to clean the ceramic hob

The ceramic hob is very modern, therefore, certain care must be taken to wash it and that there are no streaks or scratches. To clean the remains of food and water there are various tricks that are presented below.

Blue fiber scourer

A scouring pad combined with a specific product for hobs is one of the most efficient ways to remove dirt from the ceramic hob. It is better to let the cleaner work for a few minutes before proceeding to wash the surface. For more difficult or larger stains, it is preferable to apply the product directly on top.


This type of utensil is often used when the ceramic hobs have more embedded dirt than normal. Of course, you have to pass the scraper with caution and very carefully so as not to worsen the surface.

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vinegar and baking soda

To clean the ceramic hob you can also mix baking soda with vinegar until a kind of paste remains, which will be very effective to pass over the plate with a piece of paper and remove all the dirt.


Once the ceramic hob is cold, ice must be passed through the entire appliance with a scraper to remove any grease that may have adhered. Then, the final touch is given with the cloth.


Before drying the surface, a good trick is to rub a lemon and wipe it with a cloth or cloth. This, more than removing embedded particles, helps to maintain the shine of the plates. This is just one of the uses that can be given to lemon since it can also be used to perfume any room.


Vinegar, which has many uses. For example, it can be dissolved in water to become another very effective product for cleaning ceramic hobs. In addition to washing, the vinegar also helps maintain the natural shine.

Tips for maintaining the ceramic hob

Beyond cleaning, certain precautions must be taken to keep the ceramic hob in an optimal state. It is better not to rest cooking utensils on it to avoid the possibility of scratching it.

If it is used as a support due to the small size of your worktop, you have to clean it when you finish even if it has not been used for cooking because there may be some particle left behind that, once the stove is turned on, will remain embedded and will be much more difficult to remove.

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The size of the pots and pans used for the ceramic hob must match the cooking rings. Likewise, You have to choose those with materials that are not harmful to the plates. An example is clay pots. These can impair the integrity of the ceramic hob.

Likewise, it is advisable to clean immediately after using it because the stains will not be dry or solidified yet. This situation will allow the task of washing the plate to be easier. In the event that grease falls, it should be removed with a scraper before it dries.

Any cleaning product must be applied when the ceramic hob surface is cold.Not when it’s still hot. If you want to use something with a bit of temperature, water is best.

Cleaning the ceramic hob every time it is used will allow it to last in perfect condition for much longer.

Final tip:

Using household products can help not only clean the ceramic hob, but also take care of your skin during cleaning.

In this video they show you how easy it is to clean the ceramic hob with vinegar.

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