6 signs that tell you that a beauty product has expired

It’s a harsh reality, but you have to accept it: even our favorite among the make-up products e beauty it will come to the end of its life cycle, sooner or later. But how to recognize, how to get prepared for that moment?

All the clues that indicate that your favorite beauty product has now expired

In preparation for it we have compiled a mini guide, practical but complete, aimed at detecting in time any slightest sign that a cosmetic product has expired or is about to expire. Let’s get started right away!

1. Watch out for the PAO

Have you ever noticed that little empty jar symbol, located on the back or bottom of a product, with an “M” inside? Is called PAO (Period After Opening) and, even if at first glance it may appear omitted, it indicates the period within which it is possible to use the cosmetic after opening.

2. Don’t underestimate the expiration date

In the absence or absence of the so-called PAO, stamped on the package or imprinted on the box or on the back of the product, there is always the Expiration date. But, be careful, this is not a futile advice: it is essential to take it into account, as after the indicated period the cosmetic in question could stop working properly or, in the worst case scenario, cause irritation and allergies.

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3. Impaired fragrance (or bad smell!)

Have you noticed that the pleasant fragrance of the offending cosmetic has suddenly turned into a annoying and pungent smell? You don’t need many words: this is a clear sign that the time has come to reserve the basket for him.

4. Unexpected change in color and/or texture

The same goes for the aesthetic aspect of the beauty product: a change in shade and/or texture means only one thing, putting off replacing it will do no good. This phenomenon is often found, for example, in lipsticks, blushes (especially in cream and mousse), eye shadows, eye pencils, lip pencils and mascara which could be dry, semi-solid, not very sticky and full of lumps.

5. Separation of product components

How many times, then, have you noticed that your favorite foundation or nail polish shows a clear separation of the components, presenting a detachment between the pigment and the oily part? Shaking them won’t help (unless it’s a biphasic): throw everything away.

6. Sudden ineffectiveness

Lastly, the sudden ineffectiveness of a product should not be underestimated: who does not write, does not hydrate or that this aspect occurs in conjunction with the aforementioned characteristics is absolutely not worth risking allergies and the like. Do you agree?

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