7 Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Whatever one’s age woman what is certain is that it does not mean that she should neglect herself. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful at whatever stage of her life she is in. Especially his domain makeup, is very important and decisive, both for her appearance and for her psychology. If you have pass 50surely you have already noticed changes both in cuticle you as well as the way she reacts to different products. These changes are completely natural, but they need attention and special treatment. So keep reading, because here you will find it 7 makeup tips for women over 50

How to paint if you have mature skin

Pay attention to preparation

Makeup artists and dermatologists they do not fail to emphasize that the preparation is the most important step of all makeup. So, if you want a skin that glows with health, you must always maintain it hydrated. After hydration, it also plays a decisive role primer, which creates a beautiful stable “canvas”, ready to receive makeup. When choosing your primer, always keep in mind how it should be moisturizer. If you include these steps in your routine you will avoid makeup sitting on you wrinklesyour makeup will lasts all daywhile your base will be shiny and it will look healthy.

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Don’t overdo it with the quantity

I know you always want to get it foundation you, to spread a generous amount and forget the existence of any imperfection. But, in this way, all you will achieve is to you weigh the skin down and emphasize your pores and wrinkles. On the contrary, if you spread a thin layer makeup in liquid formusing an appropriate paintbrushthe result will be very similar natural and light.

Give your eyes the attention they need

The eyes they provide us with the most sensitive skin, which is why they need special care. So you have no choice but to choose one hydrating concealer which will rejuvenate them and not burden the signs of time. Better to spread it with one small brush the a special sponge that you will have wet first, for a better result. The rule of quantity also applies to concealer, since too much will bring unwanted results.

Choose liquid products for your corners

In his area bronzing and blushit would be better to prefer products in liquid form. Having already set your face with powder, it wouldn’t help the result to add more blush and your bronzer. These products bring life and health back to your face after you have applied your foundation, which is why they are so important. It is also important where they will be placements. I know that traditionally you would place bronzer on your corners and blush on your apples. This placement, however, can make the face appear more droopy and long. Apply your bronzer just below them cheekbones your and your blush a little higher, to achieve the effect of a tight face with sharp corners.

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Highlight your eyes the right way

The eyelids of our eyes they tend to show the passage of time more than any other point, which is why they need products that will highlight them. At shadows you, therefore, prefer matte form and light shades which will give life and light. If you choose any more dark shade focus her on edge of the eyelid and near the eyelashes. Still, emphasized your eyes with pencil on the upper and lower eyelids. Be careful not to make dramatic thick lines that will weigh down your eye, but instead, make them elegant and thin to emphasize the area without exaggeration.

Watch your lips

With the passage of time the lip line relaxes, resulting in lipstick not be so stable. Make it a priority, therefore lip care you and don’t fail to do them peeling with someone scrub or with one dry toothbrush. Of course, keep them hydrated for better texture. Outline them with one lip pencilfor better shape and stability and fill them with the product of your choice.

Don’t forget the eyebrows

Body hair weakens and thins as we age. The same applies to the eyebrows you. Highlight them with one eyebrow pencil and one gelso that you can fill them and give them the necessary structure. Don’t forget how it is face frame!

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