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8 Color Ideas for Autumn Nails

All women want to have beautifully painted and well-groomed nails. There are many colors on the market that you can choose for an impressive manicure. Fall colors are usually darker, but they don’t have to be. You can choose either dark or nude colors. Whatever you like. We will suggest you 8 ideas for autumn nails.

8 Color Ideas for Fall Nails

1. The classic red

Red nail polish is always a trend on nails. It is the favorite color for all women. It exudes femininity and charm. It can also be worn at any time of the day and matches any outfit you have chosen. Whatever shape you choose to give your nails (square, oval, almond, etc.) the result will be equally beautiful and naturally feminine.

2. Black varnish

Black varnish is the must color of autumn and summer. There are many women who choose black nail polish in the summer months as well. This polish goes well with whatever style of clothing you choose. As it is for all days of the day. Also, whatever shape (oval, square, almond) and if you choose to paint your nails, the black polish fits perfectly. This is a matter of taste and what length you would like to have. You may not be comfortable with almond-shaped nails in everyday life, but you may be comfortable with square ones. You choose, you decide.!

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3. Nude shades

Nude soft shades such as pink, beige are the favorite colors of many women. There are many women who do not want to paint their nails strongly. But they want to be treated with a subtle color without exaggeration. If you belong to this category, then all you have to do is choose nude polish for the color of your nails. Also, if the nude color gets damaged, it will disappear, meaning the color will not be a problem because it is so close to the color of the skin that absolutely nothing will be visible. And it won’t bother you at all.

4. Combination of black and gold

You can combine the black polish with gold glitter or gold color. In order not to exaggerate, it is good if you choose to put gold glitter on one nail so that the result is harmonious and without exaggerations. Do not make too many nails with glitter. You can also paint your nails all black and finish with gold nail polish like the French one. Whatever you choose will be impressive and different from the usual polishes.

5. French nails

French nails are liked by many women. It is timeless, subtle and chic. Many women prefer it for their nails. Nails look neat and clean. It is also chosen by slightly older women because they don’t want to color their nails or they don’t like colors. French has a milky or pink base and a white (lime) finish.

6. Blue dark varnish

Dark blue nail polish is a full fall color and is chosen by many women. It also doesn’t bind you, it’s a color for all hours and goes with whatever you’ve chosen to wear. It also fits all nail lengths. If you like dark polishes then you only have to choose the dark blue polish for a beautiful and neat result on your nails.

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7. Gray dark varnish

The gray varnish is elegant but chic at the same time. It’s not ordinary like a color it’s different and that’s why it won’t be boring. It’s trend city for fall. It also doesn’t bind you to whatever outfit you choose, it fits perfectly. We recommend that if you haven’t tried gray nail polish on your nails, you should try it!

8. Bordeaux crimson varnish

Also a very timeless and modern polish. It exudes femininity and charm. It is for all hours of the day and suits all nail lengths. Many women choose it for their nails. It is the ultimate fall color to choose for your nails.

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