8 easy care ways for beautiful feet in the Summer

Short dresses, shorts and swimsuits combined with open shoes immediately bring to mind Summer and then comes the thought that our legs will show more.

But don’t worry, since by following some simple care tips we can make our feet look beautiful and their skin smooth, shiny and young.

It’s not some weird secret you’ve never heard of, but a series of routine steps that will bring your skin to life and show off your legs in the best possible way.

Hydration is very important

If you want your feet to look well-groomed, with healthy and shiny skin, you should not neglect their hydration.

So, in addition to the internal moisture of the body that helps to deal with cracked and dull skin, it is very important to apply a foot cream every day. In this way, the soles are kept hydrated and do not crack.

Especially in the Summer, walking with bare feet in the sand, but also with open shoes, exposes them more to the sun and dust, with the result that the phenomenon of dehydration is even more frequent.

So take care of the skin of your feet in advance and prevent it from cracking.

Pedicure for beautiful feet in the Summer

Clean nails and soles will contribute even more to the beautiful image of your feet.

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So make sure you get a good pedicure to remove calluses, calluses and cracked heels.

So your feet will be soft and their appearance will be healthier and fresher.

See in detail how you can do your own pedicure at home. This will not only save you money, but also reduce the chance of unwanted contamination from shared tools that may not have been properly sterilized.

Add color to your toenails with a summer polish

Most of the time and especially during the summer months, completing our pedicure we choose to do a beautiful color.

This is an interesting touch that highlights the tan, but also the nails on our feet, which are more exposed to the gaze due to the open shoes we wear.

So check out the top pedicure colors to paint your toenails this year and get ideas.

Get rid of yellow toenails

Even if you choose not to paint your nails and let them breathe for a while in the Summer, they can be just as beautiful as long as they are well-groomed. Therefore, in addition to pedicure and cleaning, it is important to free them from any yellowness.

It is also known that from the continuous painting of the nails, especially with dark mano, their surface may turn yellow. This results in them not looking healthy when unpainted.

So check out some natural remedies to treat yellow nails.

Treat cracked heels

The part of the sole that makes dehydration most noticeable is the heels. The annoying calluses and cracks that may develop in this part of the sole are more common during the summer months. However, they can be treated as well as easily prevented.

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The pedicure, as well as frequent hydration are habits that will help to avoid such a phenomenon.

If you still experience dehydrated feet again this Summer, see how you can get rid of cracked heels in natural ways.

Do not neglect foot exfoliation

Another way to get beautiful and velvety feet this Summer is to remove dead skin cells. This way you avoid clogged pores that lead to pimples, but also blackheads on the legs, a phenomenon also known as strawberry legs.

So by exfoliating the soles, but also the calves or thighs, you clean your skin and help it breathe better. This results in the skin looking radiant and more youthful, while being soft.

Discover how you can exfoliate your feet at home with simple ingredients.

Fight or prevent athlete’s foot

Foot fungus is not only caused by closed and sweaty shoes. This is a frequent problem that also appears in the Summer on our feet. Common signs of this problem include peeling between the toes, itching and bad breath.

The moisture between the toes from insufficient wiping, but also the sweat created due to the high temperature, can cause fungal infections in the fingers and toenails.

Also, an important factor in the development of foot fungus is walking on sand or around a communal swimming pool.

See in the relevant article the symptoms, as well as the natural ways to treat foot fungus.

Hair removal for soft and velvety legs

Apart from soles, one more of our frequent concerns is hair removal. So to get rid of unwanted hair growth, it would be good to choose the method that suits your habits and needs.

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Some women prefer the quick solution of the razor, but this does not last long.

Others resort to waxing and halvah, which remove the hair from the root and weaken it. These methods together with the depilatory machine offer a longer duration, although they are a little painful. Of course, onward, what is the pain.

Beyond that, there is always the option of permanent and radical laser hair removal. However, this particular method should ideally be completed before the summer months, as it is not advisable to do it in the Summer. This is a relatively expensive option for hair removal, but if you consider the permanent result, it is not so prohibitive.

The choice is yours. Learn all about the 7 main ways to remove hair at home and choose the one that suits you.

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