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8 Habits that fill the face with pimples!

His care person is very important to us. Especially we women use a lot of facial care products. Creams, cleansers, beauty masks, serums are some of them. A common problem of most – if not all – women is pimples. Acne, stress, daily pollutants are some of the reasons that fill it face pimples. Apart from these, also many of our own habits are very harmful to the health of the face.

Habits to avoid to protect your face from pimples!

Intense and frequent scrubbing fills the face with pimples

The deep cleaning and peeling it is something our face needs. However, this process should not be done too often and strongly. THE frequency of the scrub should be 1-2 times a week. The daily scrub definitely will irritate your skin, as a result of which you may also appear some pimples.

You touch your face with dirty hands

Many times we touch the face us unconsciously during the day. A common example is when we work on the computer. This is a very bad habit as our hands are not clean. Many of the surfaces we touch every day, such as the keyboard, are foci of germs. Thus, by touching our face, we transfer there what is in our hands.

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Hair products fill the face with pimples

The hair products, such as shampoo, conditioner, oils, hairspray, etc. they are prohibited for the face. They are heavy products, which can make your face look bigger greasy and, consequently, to fill it with pimples. When you bathe or apply other products to your hair, make sure it does not come into contact with your face.

You use facial care products with oils

If your skin is oily and acne-prone, the last thing you want is to pile more oils on top of it. That’s why you should watch out for them products which you choose. Make sure the makeup and care products are -as much as possible- oil free. This will help you a lot with your pimples.

Pop your pimples

I know it’s very tempting to break pimples you. However, this practice does not help. All you do is irritate the skin even more, create scars and – in all likelihood – cause more pimples to appear.

Dirty towels fill the face with pimples

Sometimes not changing her face towel us quite often it can cause pimples on our face. Often towels don’t have time to dry properly, resulting in a build-up humidity, which is mold’s best friend. Since none of us would want to wipe our face with such a towel, it is good to change it often.

You neglect to remove your make-up

Yes, I know, there are times when you come home too tired and sleepy to do anything. However, if there is one thing you should not neglect, this is it makeup remover. Sleeping with such heavy products on your face will not help it “breathe”. Instead, it will block your pores and increase your chances of breakouts.

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Fatty foods fill the face with pimples

If you didn’t get rid of acne in your teens and your face still has a tendency to acne, know that the foods where is rich in fat they don’t help. Apart from being generally harmful to health, they have an additional burden on oily skin. Eating large amounts of such foods increases the chances of getting pimples on the face.

These are some habits that are harmful to your face, which you should avoid if you want to keep it clean.

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