8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Great

Almost every woman faces this complicated problem: should she wake up earlier to do her hair or sleep a little longer and make a simple ponytail? Now you can get enough sleep and have the perfect hairstyle! There are a few ways to save time and make your hair look great whether it’s long or short.

Use silk pillowcases.

If you want your hair to look effortless, replace cotton pillowcases with silk or satin ones. They absorb moisture more slowly and their smooth surface will reduce friction, helping you to maintain your hairstyle.

Make a high bun.

Ways to Make Your Hair Look Great
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To get a beautiful and simple hairstyle, tie your slightly damp hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head, wrap it around and tuck the ends underneath. The hair will dry out anyway and you will end up with bulky hair.

Use hairpins.

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You don’t need to perm your hair if you want it to be curly. Before going to bed, apply some hair lotion for strong hold. Next, divide your hair into sections and twist each curl around a bobby pin. If you have long hair, you can also use bobby pins to secure the hair.

Use a handkerchief.

8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Great 1
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If you’re tired of frizzy hair, before going to bed, moisturize and brush your hair and wrap it in a satin scarf. It will prevent your hair from rubbing and you will wake up with a beautiful hairstyle.

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Make 2 buns.

8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Great 1

Apply some oil or conditioner to your slightly damp hair and divide it into 2 sections. Wrap your curls around your finger and blow dry. Make 2 loose buns behind your ears and secure with bobby pins. In the morning, let your hair down and apply some hairspray.

Replace harsh hair accessories.

8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Great
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To make curly hair, try using simple pieces of fabric instead of rollers. Section your hair, twist it around the fabric strips and tie the strips. In the morning, remove the strips and apply some hairspray.

Make pigtails.

Ways to Make Your Hair Look Great
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Another method to get curly hair is to make pigtails. Divide your hair into sections and apply some hair gel. Then twist all the sections and secure them with bobby pins or hair ties.

Use the right hair brush.

8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Great
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In order not to damage your hairstyle and make it look great again, use a brush with different types of bristles.

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