9 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Secretly Destroy Your Health

Most of us are usually confident that we are doing everything right. But based on scientific data, some daily habits may seem completely innocent but are actually extremely unhealthy.

Soak the dishes in the sink

The sink is a perfect environment for bacteria: there you can find salmonella, colon bacillus or staphylococcus. It is necessary to wash the sink not only after washing dishes but also after it comes into contact with food such as fish, raw meat, dairy products and vegetables. A pile of soaked dishes is an easy but unsafe solution.

Hand wash with warm water

Some researchers say that water temperature does not affect the killing of germs. The time you spend washing your hands is more important in this case: in 5 seconds you won’t clean anything, but in 30 seconds you could kill all the bacteria on your hands. By washing your hands frequently in hot water, you reduce the protective functions of your skin and irritation or dermatitis may occur.

Practice with makeup

Sometimes we rush from the office to the gym and think that spending time on makeup removal is pointless since we’re going to shower afterwards anyway. However, during exercise, our skin needs to breathe and be cleansed. If you wear makeup, it can clog the pores. As a result, you may become prone to skin problems. Remove your makeup before exercising.

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Use a hand dryer

The fact that we don’t touch a dryer with our hands is just an illusion of cleanliness. They are actually quite unhealthy: they have a lot of bacteria and spread them with air flow and they can get into the lungs or the skin. Paper towels are more efficient and cleaner than electric hand dryers.

Using a food bag more than once

If you bought raw meat in a bag (even if it was wrapped), chances are the bacteria will spread to other products, especially fruits and vegetables. The solution is to use a disposable bag or a bag that you will have to wash every time.

Cutting meat and vegetables on the same cutting board

A cutting board can contain 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, so it’s not safe to cut salad on it. After raw meat is cut, it becomes contaminated with salmonella and campylobacter – the two most common causes of food poisoning. The solution is to use 2 different cutting boards for meat and vegetables and choose glass boards instead of wooden ones.

Use of office coffee machine

A coffee maker water tank is the right environment for different types of bacteria. There are more germs in an office coffee maker than a bathroom knob in your home. To protect your health, wash the tank as often as possible using very hot water and dish soap. It is safer to make a batch of coffee.

You put your phone in your bag

It might seem like your bag or backpack is a nice and clean place where your phone is completely protected from the environment, but that’s not true. It’s better to keep it in a pocket and put it in a case – that way it’s less germ-infested. A phone can be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. It is better to wipe your phone with a wet wipe every day.

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Cleaning winter clothes in the spring

How often do you decide to leave gloves and a scarf in a laundry basket? Experts recommend washing hats, scarves and gloves once every 1-2 weeks. These items of clothing come into contact with our mouth and nose quite often. They accumulate germs and the immune system can weaken if there is constant contact.

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