A child’s intelligence is inherited from his mother!

We are all familiar with the moment when the question arises in the family as to which characteristic the child has inherited from each parent. And while this discussion is often well-intentioned, it can often devolve into fights over certain features. One of the controversial features is, of course, the child’s intelligence. So the time has come for these fights and discussions to end. Sorry dads, but… you lost!

You read well. And yet, no characteristic of man is determined by his genes alone. Thus human intelligence is determined by various factors, such as environmental ones. Keep reading this article to learn more!

Inheritance of intelligence is a female affair, according to research!

What exactly is intelligence?

It is important, since the central topic of this article is the intelligence let’s define it. The concept of intelligence is real and so there are many different meanings that people give it. For example, the intelligence of an excellent athlete is different from that of a civil engineer.

Intelligence, however, for many, is a person’s ability to adapt to new circumstances, to think rationally, to solve their problems, to manage their emotions, etc.
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What did the research show?

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Each physiological human has 23 pairs of chromosomes. Of these, one called the racial pair differs in man and woman. Males have one X and one Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes. You understand, that is, that in humans the Y chromosome determines sex.

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It has been found, therefore, that the genes that determine human intelligence are located on the X chromosome. This means that women automatically have a double chance of carrying such genes “well”, since they have two X chromosomes. In contrast, the Y chromosome in men is not associated with intelligence.

The genes responsible for intelligence belong to a special class of genes called “regulated” or otherwise “dependent” and function depending on whether they are on X chromosomes that come from the father or from the mother. In particular, the research conducted at the University of Washington showed that when these genes, which are related to human intelligence, work only if they are maternal origin! So, the child’s intelligence is determined to a certain extent by its mother.
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The research, then, this correlated it heredity of intelligence with maternal genes. However, some clarifications must be made. The fact that a person may have a genetic predisposition to be intelligent does not mean that this will become a reality. There are many factors that determine a person’s intelligence. It is important to always remember that the brain is a muscle, which we must constantly exercise if we want to increase our IQ. This practically means that a person who is not gifted with the best genes, can have greater intelligence than another who, despite his good genes, does not exercise his brain.

Moreover, for a person to be intelligent it is not enough to have a high IQ. Scientists claim that an intelligent and balanced person also has a high index of emotional intelligence. The latter is related, among other things, to the individual’s ability to understand his emotions, to manage them, but also to have empathy.

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You understand, then, that fathers as well as mothers must care and take care of both the spiritual and emotional world of their child. In this way, although the genes related to intelligence come, according to research from the mother, they can also contribute by other means, beyond genetics, to the development of child’s intelligence their.

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