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A new anti-aging care line that turns time into an ally

Every time I clean out the drawers I find old photos. From school trips, from vacations decades ago, when there were no cell phones and social media, and weddings of my best friends. And the eye always falls on the skin. The flawless, rested and without a trace of a fine line or wrinkle. In some, you can see the dark circles from late at night, that first summer in Mykonos.

I leave the photos in the same drawer and for some reason my steps lead me to the bathroom mirror. I look myself in the eyes, come closer and, with my fingers, make the well-known movement that “stretches” the skin. I take the hands directly from the face, smile Msi I think how youth is not about years, fine lines and wrinkles, but about the sparkle in the eyes, the self-awareness and the calm that a life full of memories, hugs and laughter offers. And one more thing: The right daily care with the right products.

A new anti aging care line that turns time into an 1

He is my ally. After all, we have known each other for a long time. Every season, year and decade is there. And when my needs change, it continues to accompany me. And my current ones are covered by renewed CELLULAR Expert Lift series, consisting of compositions containing a powerful mixture of two types of hyaluronic acid and the new anti-aging ingredient Bakuchiol, which boosts collagen by 48% in just 4 hours.

The series consists of day cream, night cream and anti-wrinkle fabric mask. Three products that lift contours, restore skin structure and smooth wrinkles. The ones that help me reboot and keep smiling at myself in the mirror.

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A new anti aging care line that turns time into an 1

Nivea’s scientific team managed to create the range CELLULAR Expert Lift with advanced composition, which helps skin cells to behave like younger. It achieved this by combining powerful anti-aging ingredients that work deep at the cellular level. The result is bright skin and a youthful appearance.

new anti aging care line that turns time into an

  • The super active and pure Bakuchiol, derived from the seeds of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant, has been one of the biggest trends in skin care in recent years. It is considered one of the most important and effective ingredients, since it enhances the production of collagen I, IV&VII, reduces even the deepest wrinkles, improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin and helps to fight photoaging.
  • The Micro and Macro Hyaluronic acids, which also contain the products of the series, provide rich hydration and at the same time smoothing and reducing wrinkles.

A new anti aging care line that turns time into an


  • 1st Week: The skin becomes smoother and firmer, while the contour of the face is visibly redefined.
  • 2nd Week: Deep wrinkles are visibly reduced, the tone becomes even and the skin more radiant.
  • 4the Week: The appearance of the skin is visibly improved and its barrier has been strengthened, meaning it has created a protective shield against future signs of aging./li>

A new anti aging care line that turns time into an


The sheet mask has long been an integral part of the care routine. Every time you want to see immediate results, all you have to do is spread it all over your face. The Cellular Expert Lift anti-wrinkle fabric mask a contours the face, smoothes wrinkles and leaves the skin soft, with a radiant finish.

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