A small guide for choosing the 2022 Christmas tree

Loved, admired and carefully chosen: Christmas tree is undoubtedly the king of parties. For centuries we have been decorating and embellishing our fir tree in anticipation of the arrival of the most enchanting night of the year, that of December 24th, when families get together and it is right there, under the tree, that they exchange gifts.

Finding the right Christmas tree isn’t easy. It is a matter of taste, but also of style, furniture and practicality. To bring a pinch of fantasy, beauty and charm at home and fully experience an extraordinary period made of colors, lights and love.

Christmas trees 2022: a small guide

Every year the same dilemma arises: how to choose the Christmas tree? The options available are many, starting fromnatural or artificial treeup to size, height and accessories.

The real Christmas tree undoubtedly has a great charm, but… also several contraindications. First of all it tends to dirty the floor, losing a lot of needles, it also has irregularities – as is natural – with holes in the foliage and dry branches that risk not making it very suggestive. This is combined with the ecological aspect and the idea of ​​cutting a tree that will die immediately after the holidays just to beautify your home.

What to do then? Today there are many versions of the artificial Christmas tree available, made with great care and using the best technologies. Among the most innovative there is he Real Touch, i.e. a branch that is produced using an injection molding method with casts of real spruce branches. The result is realistic and truly impressive, so much so that both to the touch and to the eye it is impossible to distinguish a real tree from an artificial one.

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Other aspects to take into consideration concern the height and dimensions that must be proportional to the room in which the fir will be placed. And the decorations? Also from this point of view there is plenty of choice but you have to choose according to your availability. Those who are short on time and would like a more natural effect, could focus on a Christmas tree with built-in lights, simply adding balls or other Christmas decorations. The snow-covered version is also of great effect, to give a touch of charm to every room and create the typical (and magical) atmosphere of Christmas.

Moranduzzo and the new 2022 Christmas trees

What will the trendiest Christmas trees of 2022? Even with the party atmosphere, the ecological footprint is not lacking. But what to do if you dream of a real fir? The Fir Everest Moranduzzo Christmas tree is not only beautiful, but, thanks to real touch technology, it offers the same sensations as a tree in the middle of a forest. Available in various heights (180-210-240-270 cm) it assembles quickly and is ideal for giving the magic of Christmas to any environment.

Are fairy lights never enough? For a perfect Christmas tree 2022 to post on social networks, the solution is the snow-covered Christmas tree with built-in lights. A unique and extraordinary piece to bring all the beauty of the holidays into the home, thanks to a Nordic design and great charm.

The chicest tree for Christmas 2022 however, Monte Cimone Verde remains. An ultra realistic fir made with the mold of the branches of a real tree. The built-in lights, the slim shape with little bulk and the attention to detail make it an unmissable tree to decorate your home and give a touch of glamor.

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A small guide for choosing the 2022 Christmas tree

Our Moranduzzo online shop is a reference point for Christmas 2022

Where there is the unique atmosphere of Christmas there is Moranduzzo. A site dedicated to festivities with a long history that began in 1946 thanks to those first ornaments designed in Florence by Dario Moranduzzo. Since then, creativity and originality have never abandoned this company which has continued to grow, bringing the joy of the holidays and craftsmanship to thousands of homes. Today, decades after those creations, the family history continues, thanks also to the continuous research and commitment that have allowed Moranduzzo to become a point of reference for those who love Christmas.

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