After Cancer Therapy: How To Get A Wig? 2022 NEW

After Cancer Therapy: How To Get A Wig? If women need hair replacement because of chemo or radiotherapy, there are a few things to consider.

Go to the special salon

After Cancer Therapy: How To Get A Wig? Chemotherapy or radiotherapy leads to hair loss. That’s why women with a cancer diagnosis get a prescription from a doctor for a wig before the therapy starts. The prescription can only be redeemed at “prequalified second hair specialists”. They are certified to settle with health insurance companies.

Ideally, the employees are so shod that the adapted wig should neither slip nor be recognizable as such. Perhaps the regular hairdresser can recommend a salon, but an overview of approved hairdressing salons also has its own health insurance. It is best to call and have a list sent.

Find a suitable model

After Cancer Therapy: How To Get A Wig? Knotting a custom-made wig takes several months. Crepe patients, therefore, receive immediate models that are adapted. It is best for a patient to make a consultation appointment before the hair runs out.

Now it is selected whether it will be a real or artificial hair wig, whether the checkout model is sufficient or whether it should be a higher-quality model with private Zuzalung. Allergies to used materials or country cortisone doses are also clarified. The latter affects fit when the face swells.

Choose artificial or human hair

After Cancer Therapy: How To Get A Wig? Pure synthetic hair wigs are best suited for short hairstyles. As soon as the hair rubs on the shoulders or collar, they usually mat. They also need to be removed overnight. If you like to cook and bake, you have to take care of synthetic hair: they are more flammable.

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In terms of price, it makes a difference whether the wig is hand-knotted or machine-made – regardless of whether it is real or synthetic hair.

After Cancer Therapy: How To Get A Wig?

Pick up a wig

As soon as the first hairs run out, many patients can have all their hair removed in the hairdressing salon. The hair replacement can now be adjusted directly on the head. This is best done when your own hair is off. Otherwise, the cut will not fit properly, as the wig may slip when cutting.

Ask for a hairpiece

Sometimes the hair does not grow back as usual after the therapy or bald spots remain. Then a hairpiece can help. It is important that patients then get a new prescription for the so-called continuous care. This is usually subsidized more by health insurance. The expert will advise on what is the best solution for the patient.

Second hair care

After Cancer Therapy: How To Get A Wig? Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions! It says whether a special shampoo must be used and whether the wig may be blow-dried. Unfortunately, there is no uniform care instructions for all wigs. With a human hair wig, the following applies: Anything that would damage your own hair, you should not do with the wig.

After Cancer Therapy: How To Get A Wig? How long the wig lasts depends mainly on the quality and how much it is stressed. Sleeping with a wig, intensive hairdressing with a straightener or curling iron or a sweaty scalp will put the wig on. If you let the wig air out at night, it is best to hang it over a wig stand.

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