Apple cider vinegar, how to do it and why drink it with water

L’apple cider vinegar it is widespread in our kitchens, usually used as a dressing for salads, but not only. Thanks to its qualities it can be useful in leavening sweets, and for delicious recipes. This is because the apple has a flavor that is well suited to various uses and is good for our body, as it is rich in nutrients. But have you ever drank apple cider vinegar? Yes, you can do it, diluted in a glass of water, as it facilitates your digestion and helps you in your diet. Let’s find out in detail when to take it, how to do it at home and why to drink it.

The properties of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is not only tasty, it is also to greet. Its main feature is digestibility, excellent used as a condiment, but also in case you want to drink it. Obviously, always not exaggerating with the quantity ingested. It is indicated for those suffering from celiac disease, since it is gluten-free.

Let’s not stop only at a nice seasonal salad, as apple cider vinegar is very versatile: it is used for leavening desserts, for blending risottos, for sauces that accompany meat and fish. In short, if you like it you can use it anywhere, and it is really easy to prepare at home.

Among its benefits are the reduction of the level of cholesterol in the blood, the absorption, albeit in part, of fats and, containing good bacteria, it works onbalance of intestinal microflora, which is enhanced in its functions. Good, light and even dietary, we should all integrate apple cider vinegar in our diet.

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Finally, apple cider vinegar is also our ally in cleaning and disinfection: it is used for the treatment of onychomycosis, that is nail fungus on hands and feet, lice, warts and ear infections.

How to make homemade apple cider vinegar

In recent years, especially with the dissemination of videos on social media, the pleasure of doing things at home that we have bought at the supermarket for years is returning. Between Instagram, Facebook and TikTok you can find numerous tutorials for l’aceto di mele homemadebut we recommend a recipe that you can follow even if you are inexperienced with this type of preparation.

The necessary ingredients

You will need very few ingredients to make apple cider vinegar at home. Let’s start from apples, choosing them of the best quality you can find (it is important for fermentation), also consider your favorite flavor: for sweetness, buy Golden Delicious or Gala, to combine with McIntosh or Liberty, for a more pungent taste. Generally they are only needed my three for about a liter.

Then you will need it water as requiredand finally two / three tablespoons of sugar or honey, according to your preferences. Raw cane sugar is the most recommended for fermentation. In the end, one liter glass jar, muslin food gauze e rubber band.

The procedure

Wash the apples carefully with fresh water, using your hands or a toothbrush to remove any unwanted substances in your vinegar. Cut them into cubes about two or three centimeters, do not remove the peel. And then put your apple pieces in a jar, previously sterilized. The water to be added must not exceed three quarters of the capacity, therefore, a fairly large jar with a wide mouth is recommended. For a one liter container use 800 ml of water.

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The apples must be completely submerged, to avoid contact with the air and the start of the consequent oxidation process. It would be more fair to use mineral or filtered water, free of impurities. Used only glass jarsnot metal: the acidity of fermentation could corrode them.

Add a teaspoon of sugar or honey to each apple and mix. The sugar, by fermenting, will give life to the alcohol, therefore to the cider, which is absolutely not to be confused with the vinegar, which is transformed only after complete fermentation.

At this point you can cover the jar with food gauze (not with the metal lid!), and tighten it with a strong rubber band. The gauze will keep the mixture safe, but still allow the gases to escape. It must be kept away from light and heatthe recommended temperature is 21 ° but at room temperature it is still fine.

In the first two weeks, mix once or twice a day: you will notice that the pieces of apple will slowly sink to the bottom, then they will have fermented and they will be removed. Remember that they will no longer be edible and that the foam that is created on the surface must always be removed.

At this point you will have to wait from 3 to 6 weeks for the completion of the process, and switching from cider to vinegar, mixing three or four times a week. In this period you can start tasting it, and you will decide when it is ready, according to your tastes.

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How to store apple cider vinegar

After preparation, it’s time to keep it in another glass jar, this time with a lidor in a bottle, always in the fridge. The cork and the refrigeration stop the fermentation process, which, however, could restart later. If tasting it you find it too acidic, add a little water.

Why drink apple cider vinegar with water

As already mentioned, apple cider vinegar is very versatile, and in addition to using it in various recipes, we can also drink it. The first tip is to drink it diluted with water, and not pure. This is because it helps the metabolism, and therefore the diet, as well as digestion and the balance of the intestinal flora.

Usually it should be drunk in the morning: two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, preferably on an empty stomach, perhaps with a small addition of honey. Otherwise the same amount half an hour before lunch and dinner. If we want to enjoy the benefits of him, its intake must be constantgenerally in cycles of 20 days, turning it into a daily habit.

The feedback on our body is positive: drinking water and apple cider vinegar helps regular diuresis, but that’s not all. Do you think that it even facilitates the deflation of the abdominal area and lower limbs, but it doesn’t do magic. Do not think that apple cider vinegar is the solution to your problems, it is just a natural help in the rhythms and processes of our body.

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