Are you on a diet but hungry? 5 ways to beat the hunger you feel

One of the most common difficulties that every girl has to deal with diet it is the intense hunger that he feels mainly at the beginning. If you are not one of the lucky ones and your body does not easily adapt to changes, then you may be hungry for a little longer. According to the experts, this happens because when your body is deprived of food, it automatically goes into “defense” mode. But since you don’t want to ruin the diet you just started, take a look at the following tips that will save you…

Make room for the grapefruit

Intense color, even more intense taste. You know it for its nutrients and that special essence it leaves on your palate when you use it as a juice. In addition to the first meal of the day, you can use it in your lunch salad, but also enjoy it at the office, when your hunger “knocks” strongly on the door. You will regulate blood sugar levels, reduce the secretion of insulin, the hormone that strongly affects the fat burning process.

More protein is good

While you know that protein keeps you full for a long time, you hesitate to eat foods rich in this substance when you’re hungry, because they are already on your menu and you don’t want to overdo it. Error. The egg, avocado, lentils will activate your metabolism and help you to overcome the strong feeling of hunger.

Are you on a diet but hungry 5 ways to

Take your time

The obligations of everyday life may force you to run at a frantic pace, however, when it comes to food, this is not only undesirable, but also often inhibiting your effort to not be hungry. Don’t forget that your brain needs about half an hour in order to “satiate” and send the message that you are full. So, enjoy your favorite food with your pass, try, if possible, to cut it into small portions and fool your hunger.

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Scents are your ally

In addition to the classic way that you want your herbs to flavor the food you prepare and make it more enjoyable, there is another use for them, ideal if you want to reduce the hunger you feel. Smell them! Yes, you read that right. Your sense of smell can trick your hunger pangs and what better way than smelling some fresh herbs and tricking your brain into thinking you’ve just eaten.

Chew gum

There are two opinions about its usefulness. One that wants to whet your appetite and one that helps you trick your mind and your appetite. The second is closer to reality. Therefore, whenever the hunger you feel is intense and relatively unjustified, chew your gum, relax your senses and feel full. Enjoy!

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