Autumn cleaning in 4 steps…

Autumn is an ideal time for clearing out the house. It’s an easy way to get the refresh we all need after the summer holidays. So it’s time to “unload” your space from all the unnecessary things that take up space, from all the useless things that distract you. It will help you follow the “rule of four”! In other words, how will you tidy up your house and do a general clearing in four steps!

Start with the four-box method

Before doing anything else, stock up on four cardboard boxes. Write on each box its label: “TRASH”, “GIFTS”, “NEW PLACE” and “STAY”. Then start from the living room and successively in each room, to classify the objects you see in the corresponding box. When you finish the process, the items in the litter box should go to the neighborhood trash can, the things marked gifts should be donated, those for a new location need to be moved, and the rest should stay as they are!

Promise to put twelve things in each box

You must commit that your arrangement will be effective. For this very reason you will aim to fill each box with at least twelve items. At first reading it may seem like a lot, but be sure that before you know it you will have exceeded the predicted number!

Do a personal experiment in your closet

Since the closets also need a similar decluttering, do a test on yourself. First, turn all the hangers in the opposite direction that you currently have them. Then, every time you return an item of clothing to your closet (after you’ve worn it), hang it against the direction the other hangers are facing. In this way, in a maximum of two months you will have a clear picture of the clothes you never wear: they are the ones that hang opposite to everything else! So, now you can sort them into corresponding boxes too!

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And finally, for all your messy papers like bills, receipts and mail, make two lists. Throw away what does not need archiving and storage!

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