Basic care tips for colored hair

See what are the most basic care and styling tips for dyed hair, to maintain its health and color

Although in the past we have told all the must-know secrets for the care of colored hair, today we will briefly mention, which are the most important of them. After all, our hair is a very basic element of our image and it is the first thing that catches the eyes of those who see us. In addition, hair reveals a lot about our personality, as well as our lifestyle. Therefore, if you care about your image, you should take care of them as much as possible.

Read on for 5 essential tips for color-treated hair and get a routine that promotes hair health as a primary goal, because the healthier our hair looks, the more well-groomed we look.

#1. Prefer specialized products

The products for dyed hair have specialized compositions that do not endanger the lively, bright color of your hair. On the contrary, they are mild, sulfate-free and ensure that the color will last as long as possible in your hair.

#2. Prefer the refle, instead of silver shampoo

First of all, silver shampoo is not a panacea and its possibilities are limited. Silver shampoo only works on very light blonde hair (9,10) and on hair that has just been decaparized and easily absorbs dyes. Also, we only use it when we want to neutralize yellow/bronze tones and not when we want to deposit warm or midtones. Finally, if you use it often, you are definitely endangering the health of your hair. Prefer to do a reflash every month at the hairdresser – if your budget can afford it – or buy hair toners and do it yourself.

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#3. Reduce bathing frequency and temperature

In addition to special shampoos for dyed hair, low temperature when washing and a salt filter in the shower are lifesavers. If you also reduce the frequency with which you wash your hair, the color will last longer. Many times we get messages like “how many times a week should I wash my hair?” and the answer depends on many factors, such as lifestyle, hair type, age, etc. However, if you dye your hair and want the dye to last longer, reduce washing as much as possible. Read even more secrets for a perfect bath.

#4. Reduce heat styling

Heat opens the scales of the hair and the color fades more easily. In addition, the texture of the hair changes and you damage it irreparably. Limit heat styling to special occasions and do heat-free hairstyles.

#5. Do reconstructive treatments

Last and most importantly, if your hair is already sensitized, rebuilding and bonding treatments like Olaplex will help you tremendously.

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