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Beard Transplant 2022, those who have a genetic predisposition to gaps in beard growth often try, with little or no success, to conceal or close bald spots in order to achieve denser beard growth. When is a beard transplant useful? Here you will find out!

What is a beard transplant?

Hair transplantation is a branch of aesthetic surgery. The most famous is the transplantation on the head, however, the transplantation of beard hair is also gaining more and more popularity, as it gives a lasting result. With a local anesthetic, the procedure becomes painless. The donor region is preferably hair from the back of the head.

Beard Transplant 2022

How is a beard transplant performed?

In modern transplant clinics, the FUE method (follicular unit extraction) is practiced, in which individual hairs are taken from the donor region and transplanted into the recipient region. The advantage of the FUE technique over the older FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) technique is that visible scars are avoided. In the low-risk procedures of the FUE, the follicles are removed individually, while in the FUT a whole strip of skin is removed.
First, the hair is cut short and the local anesthetic is introduced. With a fine scalpel, channels are cut, into which then removed hair is introduced. Removal of hair is carried out by means of special tweezers. It is required for the beard hair transplantation of many transplants (called grafts in technical jargon), these can also be taken from different regions.

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Beard Transplant 2022

Does hair fall out after a transplant?

As a rule, yes. This process is called shedding and is due to the fact that due to the stress of transplantation, the hair follicles enter a resting phase. Each hair follicle in its life cycle constantly alternates between the growth and dormant phases. After a transplant, the resting phase is only particularly noticeable because almost all transplanted hair enters the resting phase at the same time.

A big advantage of shedding is that the skin is exposed and can be intensively cared for. After a few weeks, the hair begins to grow again. This is how the first 3-day beard looks natural, because strong hair does not suddenly sprout from one day to the next, where there were none before.

When do you see the results and how long do they last?

Depending on the care and the supply of nutrients, the first results can be seen after one to two weeks. After a month, the growth of the beard already looks very natural. After 12 weeks, a full beard will be a permanent result. A permanent beard transplant actually means a lifetime. The hair follicles grow in the new place and are supplied with nutrients by the blood vessels.

Since more than 90% of grafts grow successfully with a professionally performed hair transplant, a second treatment is usually not required. The beard roller HBG can contribute to beard growth support after beard transplantation. With ultra-fine microneedles, this beard roller stimulates the hair roots of the skin and promotes the absorption of nutrients. Also ideal in combination with the Beard Serum HBG, which enriches the hair roots with its high-quality ingredients and stimulates the beard to more growth. Ideal after the application of the beard roller. It is important that you ask your doctor when the application can be done after the beard transplant.

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How much does a beard transplant cost?

A general statement on the costs cannot be made seriously. The cost depends on the number of hairs needed and the doctor’s treatment costs. In the vast majority, the prices range from 2,000 to 7,000 euros in order to reliably close bald spots in the long term.

Who is a beard hair transplant suitable for?

For anyone who has bald spots in the beard growth and wants to close them in the long term. Whether the cause is a genetic predisposition, mechanical influences or accidents with scarring is irrelevant. A professional clinic can also smooth out existing scar tissue, and then transplant individual hairs until a full beard appears.

If you have already tried everything else to replenish your existing beard, but do not want to set yourself a long-term success, a beard transplant may be the right thing for you. You can search through the Google search engine.

What is the best age for beard transplant?

At wittyhealthy Clinic, we consider the legal minimum age for hair surgery to be 18 years. However, for a beard transplant, the minimum age can increase to 20 years ( the beard grows to mid-twenties).

How long do beard transplants last?

Is a beard transplant permanent? Yes. Once the hair transplant is complete and growth has begun, the hair is permanent. Patients can expect about 90% of their transplanted hair grafts to survive and grow if the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon

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