Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? 2022 NEW

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? Some foods are said to have a special effect on the skin, hair, and nails. We clarify what is behind these theses.

Does kiwi tighten the skin?

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? Of course, the kiwi itself is not supposed to give our skin more firmness. It is vitamin C. Kiwis provide a lot of this. “Vitamin C is important for collagen metabolism, ” says dermatologist Sticherling. Collagen is the most common protein in the human body. It gives many parts of the body stability. Vitamin C promotes the build-up of collagen. Certain enzymes that give collagen its solid structure cannot work without vitamin C.

But does this mean that our skin stays firmer for longer if we consume a lot of vitamin C in particular? You can’t say that. True, the vitamin C content of the skin is often lower in old age and with excessive sunbathing. However, it is unclear whether an increased intake can prevent signs of aging such as sagging skin. With a balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, healthy people can easily meet their daily needs.

Will we brown faster if we eat a lot of carrots?

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful?
Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful?

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? The vegetable dye betacarotene is found in carrots. If we consume it in large quantities, it can accumulate in the skin and change our complexion. “But this does not make us brown faster,” says skin expert Michael Sticherling. “We may get slightly carrot-like. But this does not correspond to the normal sun tan.“ In addition, quite large quantities of carrots over a period of several weeks are necessary for this. Alternatively, we can also drink a glass of carrot juice a day, in which the beta-carotene is contained in a larger amount.

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In a small Australian study, a group of light-skinned men who had been given beta-carotene seemed more attractive to women than a second group who had not received any. However, due to the low number of subjects, the significance of the study is limited. By the way: even those who eat a lot of carrots or drink their juice must continue to use sunscreen. A lot of beta-carotene can provide an SPF of about 2 – this is very little.

Does milk cause acne?

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? “There is evidence that milk contains growth substances that also affect the skin,” says Professor Michael Sticherling, senior consultant at the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital Erlangen. These substances send growth impulses to our bodies. Milk, for example, can ensure that we increasingly form the so-called insulin-like growth factor 1, which can aggravate existing acne. “If you suffer from acne and consume an excessive amount of dairy products, you can try to see if it is of any use to reduce them,” says Sticherling. However, this is to be decided on a case-by-case basis. He does not recommend a general waiver.

More beautiful hair thanks to walnuts?

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful?
Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful?

Walnuts provide valuable omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein. However, the fact that they are said to have a positive effect on the hair is due to another ingredient: biotin. Previously, biotin was also called “vitamin H” – H, like skin. “Biotin is important for a healthy structure of hair and nails,” explains Professor Daisy Kopera, a dermatologist at the Medical University of Graz. The body needs the vitamin to make the protein keratin – the main component of hair and nails. Hair loss may indicate a biotin deficiency, although it can also have numerous other reasons.

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? In addition, a deficiency almost never occurs in our latitudes, since our food provides sufficient biotin. There is hardly any data on whether an increased intake without an existing deficiency affects the growth and structure of the hair. And: If you have genetically thin hair, you will not be able to change anything with even so many walnuts or even expensive dietary supplements.

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Does coffee age the skin?

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of Germans. We drink more than 160 liters on average per year. And this is despite the fact that the drink is suspected of prematurely aging the skin. The caffeine contained is said to slow down collagen production. This has already been shown in cell cultures. But is that why coffee drinkers get wrinkles and sagging skin faster?

“Nicotine, caffeine, and excessive UV consumption are among the most important factors for premature skin aging,” says dermatologist Michael Sticherling. However, he cautions that this observation cannot be reduced to coffee alone. “For many, the cigarette is part of coffee, for example.“ The lifestyle as a whole is crucial. Normal consumption of two to three cups a day does not cause any problems for the skin, according to the expert.

Does oatmeal provide clean skin?

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? Oatmeal, it is often read, is supposed to do good to our outer shell. The reason: they supply zinc. The mineral contributes to a purer complexion because it regulates the sebaceous glands. Zinc ointments or pastes are often applied externally to impurities. They contain zinc oxide, which dries out pimples. But can the mineral also work from the inside?

“Zinc is essential for our metabolism,” says Michael Sticherling, who is a member of the German Dermatological Society. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes wound healing. A zinc deficiency can also be noticeable on the skin but is rare in this country. If a zinc deficiency is detected, it can help to ensure adequate zinc intake through the diet. In addition to hard cheese, nuts, or meat, oatmeal is actually a good source. If there is no deficiency, an increased intake is also of no use to combat skin blemishes. That is why it is always important to look for causes.

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Do sweet and junk foods promote pimples?

Beauty Food: Do These Foods Really Make You Beautiful? Soft drinks, sugary foods, and white flour products cause the blood sugar level to rise particularly quickly and sharply. The result is a high secretion of the hormone insulin. “In this way, sugar affects the hormonal balance. More and more substances are produced that stimulate sebum production, which leads to oily skin and impurities, “ explains dermatologist Daisy Kopera.

Insulin also promotes inflammation of the sebaceous glands and thus the development of pimples. A diet with foods that cause blood sugar to rise slowly and less strongly overall seems to improve these inflammations. “For a healthy person, the recommendation of a balanced diet also applies to the skin,” says Michael Sticherling. Lots of vegetables, fiber-rich foods such as legumes, nuts, and whole grains, fruits in moderation, sufficient protein, and healthy vegetable oils provide her with everything she needs.

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