Bright foundation? The ones to have for a glowy complexion

A recurring peculiarity in the most current make-up trends, including those autumn / winteris certainly to be found in the complexion glowy, underlined by a face make-up as subtle and impalpable as possible. There is no longer a tendency to aim for the classic, extremely artificial aspect, to trace the porcelain effect: rather, it is preferable to enhance its natural brightness, emphasizing it with special products. The first of these? Without a doubt a good one bright foundationwhich can capture the light and “trap” it on the face.

KIKO MILANO: Blue Me Energizing Effect Foundation

Are you looking for a fluid foundation, bright but also long-lasting? The Energizing Effect Foundation of the recent collection Kiko Blue Me promises just that: from the vegan formula, it gives the face an even complexion for a radiant and smooth complexion, while the texture blends perfectly with the skin, ensuring a medium coverage but easily modulated, the practical dispenser allows you to dispense the optimal amount of product, without waste. Ideal as a foundation for dry skin!

The Ordinary: Serum Foundation

Impossible not to mention them, i Serum Foundation from The Ordinaryif we are talking about covering but bright foundation: the coverage is nevertheless total on the skin, which can be layered according to every need and at the expense of a texture light and impalpable, just as the name suggests. This allows the product not to creep between fine wrinkles, also adapting it to any type of existing skin.

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Armani Beauty: Luminous Silk

Lightweight, buildable and medium coverage, the well-known Luminous Silk from Armani Beauty royal one finish radiant to the skin, enhancing its natural beauty. It is oil-free and low-density formulated: this places it among the most popular foundations for oily skin of the genre, also offering a buildable coverage from very light to medium. In short words? Corrects, evens out and perfects the complexion.

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