Buildings that are good for the environment

The attention towards the planet is increasing as regards not only the building, but even the architecture of the buildings itself. There are more and more projects that include homes, buildings, shopping centers and even hospitals inside contexts that literally blend with nature and they are spreading a little around the world. Obviously these are futuristic buildings, which unfortunately are not so widespread and which are small, if we think about how many we are on the planet. I like to trust, however, in the fact that more and more efforts are being made to make structures like these more accessible to the masses: living well and in the green should be everyone’s right.

Green architecture, buildings that are good for the environment: in Europe

In Europe we have some of the most beautiful examples of this new way of building, starting with our Milan and ending with Austria and Germany.

The Vertical Forest of Studio Boeri in Milan

The Bosco Verticale, located in the Porta Nuova area of ​​Milan, is a complex made up of two buildings inaugurated in 2014. These skyscrapers are unique because they incorporate more than two thousand tree species, among shrubs and tall trees. These buildings are part of a reforestation project in the city of Milan, the aim of which is not only to increase the vegetation, but also the fauna that populates it and to mitigate the microclimate.

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The Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf

This building is a shopping center where there are shops, but also recreational spaces, covered by 8 kilometers of hornbeam hedges. Imagine it as the seasons change: the glance of the changing nature must be something wonderful.

“The Farmhouse” by Studio Precht

This building designed by the Austrian studio Precht is designed to accommodate a community of “vertical” farmers. In fact, there can be orchards, houses, vegetable gardens and gardens: a perfect example of zero-kilometer agriculture!

Green architecture, buildings that are good for the environment: in Asia and Australia

In Singapore, Brisbane and Shanghai there are some truly innovative complexes with an incredible design, some of which are still in the planning phase, but which will be inaugurated in the coming years.

The “1000 trees” complex in Shanghai

It is a futuristic complex in Shanghai’s art district, overlooking the river, in which trees were planted in the supporting columns, transformed into planters. The name recalls that of the structure “Thousand Trees”In Paris, soon to be built, where there will be offices, kindergartens, and even a wellness area.

buildings that are good for the environment

La Urban Forest a Brisbane

This is also a project that will see the light in the next two years and that has an idea similar to that of the 1000 trees and Milles Arbres buildings at the base. What distinguishes it is that, on the roof, it will host one solar farm and a water recycling system both to irrigate the greenery and to be used for homes.

The Eden condominium in Singapore

This is a truly heavenly designed skyscraper. In Singapore, where the use of air conditioning is essential and active practically all year round, this structure instead has a tropical garden at its base which replaces its use. In addition, each apartment is shielded by huge shell-shaped balconies, each of which houses a small oasis.

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The South Beach complex in Singapore

What you see below is the pedestrian zone of the Singapore’s South Beach complex, developed by City Developments Ltd. The blocks in which apartments and offices were found were designed in such a way as to adapt the structure to the nature that surrounds it. The canopied ceiling curls into a 280-meter-long wave of steel and aluminum, which runs the length of the structure, and was designed to channel the winds so that they work as air conditioning for the restaurants and bars that arise within it.

buildings that are good for the environment

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