Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? 2023

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? In any case, among the things that the world does not need are lice! For my part, I still haven’t figured out what they should be good for! They are simply there to drive families crazy and spoil the weekend for them, because in the case of louse infestation, a woman sends her husband to an emergency pharmacy in the middle of the night in order to then start treating the entire family at a late hour, making new beds and combing hair! I’m writing about the topic of lice today.

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? It has been accompanying our everyday life for 5 years now, because neither in kindergarten nor at school can the lice plague be controlled. But somehow no one ever talks about lice (except me! I do it all the time), apparently, it’s still a taboo topic!

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? But you know, it has been proven that lice like to jump on a clean scalp the most:) So don’t worry about lack of hygiene 😉 the biggest problem of lice is probably the parents who don’t take reasonable care because it’s not enough to go through the hair with a lice shampoo 1x and think that the louse would be fought and the treatment is complete!

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? Where a louse crawls, there are still a lot of friends, because every house has a big family. So in order to really catch all the lice nits, baby lice, and the whole louse kinship, it actually requires washing a little more than once. So as soon as a lice email comes again, the following is to be done :

  • As soon as there is a lice report, examine your own child well, otherwise, you are in a vicious circle!
  • In case of lice infestation, comb the hair well and above all properly, preferably daily, the so-called bug busting method helps (I’ll explain right away)
  • In case of lice, do another lice treatment after 7-10 days
  • In case of lice infestation at school, daycare, and with friends, let them know
  • Rinse the hair in the evening with vinegar water, wash with willow bark shampoo, and/or spray in the morning with an anti-lice spray. Lice spray is available from Mosquito or you can also do it yourself! Would any of you like the recipe?

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair?


Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? Infection with head lice occurs from head to head. When children put their heads together, cuddle or play close together, the adult head lice crawl from one head to the next. The lice baby tube lives on the scalp, but does not leave the head!

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? It is necessary to know that lice cling to the hair and scalp and that the females lay eggs, the so-called nits. They are about 1mm tall and look a little like small scales sticking in the hair. However, the difference from dandruff is that they can be detached from the hair, and the nits stick tightly.

It is important that the lice cure is really repeated after 7-10 days! And that during this time, if possible, the nit comb is passed through the hair daily to see if a nit has perhaps hatched after all! Or at least on days 1, 5, 9, and 13 (from the beginning of treatment) remove from wet hair with a fine special comb. [Source: Recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin].

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Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? Of course, it is always associated with considerable costs when it is said again that the child has lice because even if siblings still live in the household, the lice are usually already found there and so they are usually treated the same. I think I speak for every mom because we all become completely psycho as soon as we have even found a louse and of course, our whole head itches right away.

So it means buying at least 3x lice remedies or 6x because it has to be repeated! You’re going to get €100 in no time at all! But! You can keep the receipts from the pharmacy and then get the prescription from the pediatrician afterward, so you at least only have to pay for the lice remedy for the adults yourself!


Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? Lice feed on the blood of the scalp. They cause itching and red dots, as a result of the injected saliva during stinging. Lice are not a sign of poor hygiene, quite the contrary, because, as a rule, they prefer dry, clean, and fat-free hair, and in our case, unfortunately, my daughter’s curls too! And I, too, have had 3x proven lice in recent years!

Only live lice can fix themselves in the hair. Transmission via objects such as cuddly toys or hats is very unlikely because head lice do not voluntarily leave their host.

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? A transmission via combs and brushes is conceivable because the lice can be trapped between the tines and survive for some time in the comb, but they do not stay there voluntarily, because they love heads!

In case of lice infestation, all combs and brushes should still be checked and maybe frozen overnight! Knock out your beloved cuddly toys and put them in the freezer for 24 hours.

For every louse, sensitive parents, and above all a better feeling, pillows, blankets, and all other cuddly toys can be put in blue garbage bags and left closed for 10 days. Lice can survive outside their preferred environment (hair), for example on clothing or other textiles, for 1.5 to 2 days. For this reason, it is also important to wash your clothes at high temperatures (min. 60°C)

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? Some people seem to be affected by head lice more often than others. The reason for this is unknown. It has been found that the hair color and hair length as well as the frequency of shampooing do not matter. Only in a hair under 2 cm in length, do the head lice have difficulties.

Head lice cannot jump or fly, but they specialize in moving hair and cover about 30 cm per minute. Pets do not play in the transmission of head lice Rolle.Es there is the so-called bug-busting method, here the hair is combed out with a special comb and rinsed in the hair to catch all the lice!

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? It also works great with the lice combs that we get here in Germany, but feel free to take a look around on the website of the German Pediculosis Society e.V., I find them very informative!

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Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? From experience, I can tell you, that lice and curls are about the worst thing I can imagine! We have started to not comb out the hair completely and remove all nits because this is just cruel torture for every child with strong curls! And I also comb the hair only with a lot of rinsing in hair, then they are more combable and much softer.

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair?
Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair?

Neither the Infection Protection Act nor the Robert Koch Institute requires the removal of eggs /nits. “In fact, the remaining egg shells are just unsightly, but they do not represent any danger.

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? A treatment based on removing the eggs would be lengthy and hopeless, because the glue of the eggs is so difficult to dissolve and because you can hardly find all the eggs. Therefore, all the principles of action presented here are based on killing or removing the existing and hatched lice before they pose a new risk of infection and they can lay new eggs. As a result, the life cycle of the lice is interrupted and only empty egg shells or dead eggs remain in the hair.” (Source; German Pediculosis Society e.V.)

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? A good tip is coconut oil! On the one hand, coconut oil dissolves the glue of the nits and thus removes them from the hair, and it also ensures that new lice do not get lost on the curling head in the first place. So for children with curls, you should try to comb out the lice as well as possible and/or use the lice remedy very carefully, so that really all the lice are caught.

And I can tell you from my own experience that, for example, lice remedies such as Goldgeist or mosquito (the oily one for foaming) are not at all suitable for curls! Especially the mosquito remedy feels only on the curl and does not penetrate the scalp to suffocate the lice. For curls, päperates such as Nyda or Jacudtin are better.

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? In the case of lice, between 3 vers. Active ingredients are distinguished

Natural remedies

include, among others :

Willow bark shampoo (we always use it preventively as soon as there is a lice warning because it is proven that the hair then does not smell attractive enough for the lice)

Paranix is made from coconut and anise oil. For my part, I actually always prefer to use a mixture of different means

My natural lice repellent sprays as a DIY will find here lice spray homemade

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? In the meantime, we actually always wash the children’s hair with the willow bark shampoo from Rausch, because so I already have a small chance that the lice will not come to us at all! If there is a strong lice infestation at school, I always spray the hair with the mosquito anti-lice spray or make a natural mixture of coconut and lavender, if you are interested, please let me know and I will write it down for you again.

If we have lice again, I use Jacutin or Nidda, because I don’t feel like the stench of gold spirit, foaming up with the mosquito oil doesn’t work well for us, even if I think the applicator is really great, and it’s good if at least the elimination/killing of the lice is quick! After the treatment, we do a hair conditioner, because any lice remedy dries out the hair! And then also add coke oil to the hair as care for lice prevention.

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Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? Funnily enough, I wrote this article last year. I deleted the beginning because it was almost a little malicious because I was just lying in bed with a 3-day-old baby and once again a lice warning came! I am now so annoyed by the parents from the schools, kindergartens, music schools, ballet classes, etc. who do not comply with their duty of care and do not examine their children properly, and do not do the second lice cure after 7-10 days as prescribed.

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? And as you can imagine, it is even more unpleasant to have children here with my curls and to constantly have lice visits. Fortunately, we have not had lice in the house for a relatively long time, because we get along quite well with our coconut oil, anti-lice spray method. But funnily enough, just recently a request from Pohl-Boskamp came to the house and I was presented with a new lice remedy – Nyda Express. As ordered, lice were suddenly omnipresent again.

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? So I thought to myself, it’s time to get my article out of the one-year depression and share it with you! Since I sincerely hope that we will continue to be spared and I may not try the new Nyda Express yet, I can’t tell you “unfortunately” how good or bad it is. The old one is definitely great and the new Express, as the name suggests, has a shorter exposure time – and is therefore very promising!

Can Black People Get Lice In Their Hair? I would only really be interested in what exactly happens when I smear lice medicine on my child’s head, and how much of the poison that kills the louse gets into my child’s bloodstream. And where is the exact difference between the verses? Are there any active ingredients?

I will forward all these questions to the manufacturers Pohl-Boskamp from Nyda and if you have any questions, please comment on them, then I can create a whole catalog of questions and I will post the answers incl. the recipe for preventive lice spray homemade right after! What do you think about this? Is it a good idea? I wish you all love and a lice-free time.

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