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Celebrity Hair Transplants, Hair Transplant Female Celebrities 40+

Celebrity Hair Transplants, you would be surprised if you knew how many Hair Transplant Female Celebrities have already undergone a hair transplant. Thanks to ever better technology, more and more stars are opting for this treatment. And more and more are dealing with it openly and honestly and clearing up the stigma that surrounds this cosmetic procedure.

But who are the best prominent examples of hair transplants and why is this treatment becoming increasingly popular among the Hollywood elite? We have selected nine stars and would like to show you some before / after pictures of prominent hair transplants in the following.

Celebrity Hair Transplants

John Travolta Hair Transplant

Hollywood icon John Travolta Hair Transplant was suddenly transformed after his hair transplant. After suffering from thinning hair for years, he reportedly tried various hair loss treatments and eventually decided to have a transplant as a permanent solution. The treatment completely changed his appearance by restoring the almost completely bald spot on his head with a series of newly transplanted follicles.

John Travolta Hair Transplant
John Travolta Hair Transplant


Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant
Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

Probably the most famous case of hair transplantation among celebrities is the former star of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney. The English top scorer openly and honestly underwent a hair transplant in 2011, as he had been bald since his early 20s. The treatment was successful and the density of hair on the top of his head was restored. Already two years later, he again underwent a transplant in order to achieve an even better density. Rooney spoke openly about the insecurities caused by his thinning hair and was extremely satisfied with the results of his treatments.

Elton John Hair Transplant

Elton John Hair Transplant
Elton John Hair Transplant


Similar to Wayne Rooney, Elton John has also spoken honestly about his experience with a hair transplant. The singer-songwriter already lost his hair in the early 70s and openly talked about how little self-confident he felt because of his thinning hair. His vulnerability in relation to his experience of hair loss and treatment gave impetus to the hair transplant movement among celebrities. Two transplants later, Elton John is still fully hairy despite his age of over 70 years.

Jürgen Klopp Hair Transplant

Hair transplant? Jurgen Klopp! This should probably come to the mind of most German men immediately for hair transplantation. Numerous media reported this at the time when Jürgen Klopp publicly confessed to a hair transplant. Today, he is even considered a role model for many, and the image of his full hair is gladly taken with him to the cosmetic surgeon.

Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant

Our fifth prominent hair transplant case is the infamous comedian Jimmy Carr. Similar to Wayne Rooney, Carr has not tried to hide that he has decided to undergo the treatment and even talked about it live on TV. Carr, who is known for his stand-up comedy and controversial comments, explained that he decided to have a hair transplant to combat his dwindling hairline. The procedure was successful, so Carr now has a lower hairline in addition to his usual thick head of hair.

Joe Swash Hair Transplant

Former EastEnders star Joe Swash put an end to the persistent talk about his hair when he revealed that he had secretly undergone such treatment at the beginning of his career. He explained that he was initially hesitant to speak openly about his decision to have the treatment because it was fraught with a stigma. However, as more and more celebrities shared their experiences with hair transplants, Swash spoke publicly about his transplant, explaining that it was something personal for him that he did to feel better.

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James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

The “Cold Feet” actor James Nesbitt is one of the most prominent voices when it comes to hair transplants. Two transplants later, Nesbitt says the treatment has changed his life for the better. He underwent the procedure in Ireland.

Stephanie Davis Hair Transplant

Famous cases of hair transplantation also exist among women. Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis revealed she underwent a hair transplant to reduce her hairline. After being bullied for years at school because of the size of her forehead and noticing that her hair was getting thinner and thinner, Davis decided that it was time to undergo a transplant. Speaking to The Sun, she encouraged more women to take this step, explaining: “Hair transplants are not only for men, but also for women, and can make a big difference if performed by a good surgeon.” Six months after her treatment, Davis revealed that she was very satisfied with the initial results.

Elon Musk Hair Transplant

Elon Musk Hair Transplant
Elon Musk Hair Transplant

Elon Musk Hair Transplant, our last prominent example of a hair transplant is the tech tycoon Elon Musk. Although he is known for his charm and charisma, a look at old photos shows that Musk suffered from hair loss on the top of his head and a receding hairline. The change that has taken place since then is incredible: the growth and density of hair in the upper and front areas of his head have been restored.

Jude Law Hair Transplant

Jude Law Hair Transplant
Jude Law Hair Transplant

Jude Law, an English actor, found the remedy for his hair loss during a hair transplant. The Celebrity Hair Transplants, who had some hair loss on the right and left part of his head, regained his old image after a hair transplant. The famous actor, who starred on the screen in the films “The Holiday”, “Sherlock Holmes” and “Captain Marvel”, underwent surgery for his complaints about hair loss.

Mel Gibson Hair Transplant

Mel Gibson Hair Transplant
Mel Gibson Hair Transplant

A star who is an American director, producer, and actor of Australian origin, is known for his roles in Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, and Brave Heart. In addition, the Oscar-winning actor and director are one of the celebrities with hair loss problems with his film “Brave Heart”. This Celebrity Hair transplant, with hair transplantation, has also regained its former appearance.

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant
Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant

What has changed in Matthew Mc Conaughey besides his career is his hair. Especially at the Oscar ceremony, the earlier version of his hair attracted attention. The Celebrity Hair Transplants, who had a hair loss on his forehead and hairline, has regained his former appearance through hair transplantation. If you look for the artist, you can see how serious the situation was. His new sight also shows that he commissioned a hair clinic and that his hair specialists were doing a very good job.

Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant

Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant
Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant

Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant, the American actor, known for the films “Rocky”, “The Expendables” and “Creed”, is over 70 years old. However, he is among the celebrities who have undergone hair transplantation. He is one of the Hollywood stars who had undergone a hair transplant because he had the problem of losing his hair despite his graceful aging.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant
Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant, the famous American actor, known for his films “Django”, “Robin Hood”, “Ray”, “Law Abiding Citizens” and “Baby Driver”, also suffered from hair loss. The hair of the actor, known for his career on the screen for more than 26 years, could not stand the time with hair loss. Thanks to a hair transplant, he regained his former appearance.

Ben Affleck Hair Transplant

Ben Affleck Hair Transplant
Ben Affleck Hair Transplant

Ben Affleck, famous for his films such as “The Accountant”, “Gone Girl”, “Runner Runner”, “To the Wonder”, “Man About Town”, “Argo” and “The Town”, is also one of the celebrities who had problems with hair loss. He had a problem with his forehead and also found the famous remedy thanks to a hair transplant.

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant
Tom Hanks Hair Transplant

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant, born in 1956 and known for his films “Cast Away”, “Forrest Gump”, “Road to Perdition”, and “That Thing You Do”; he has received the Oscar twice. The actor, who has become famous for his success in the industry, is one of the famous personalities who sang about hair loss. This situation shows that the problem of hair loss in men is more serious. Tom Hanks also preferred hair transplantation to overcome this problem. You can view the before and after photos in detail.

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David Beckham Hair Transplant

Beckham has been recognized as the best football player not only because of his athletic abilities but also because of his great hairstyle. However, he showed baldness and hair loss early, and eventually, he got a hair transplant using the FUE technique.

Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant

We know him as a great actor, producer, and director. Unfortunately, he suffered from a receding hairline and bald spots started as he got older. However, he later had an FUE hair transplant performed.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hair Transplant

He is the most popular football player. Cristiano had a low hair density and hair loss in the frontal angles. Therefore, he decided to have a DHI hair transplant.

Al Pacino Hair Transplant

We know him as Michael Corleone in the godfather films. Although he has never openly talked about it, photos indicate that he has undergone a hair transplant.

Sean Penn Hair Transplant

We know him from his role in ’I Am Sam, Sean Penn suffered from his hair loss. Therefore, he underwent hair restoration.

Brendan Fraser Hair Transplant

He fought and won mummies on the screen, but he did not win his fight against hair loss alone, he needed a medical procedure to get his hair back to normal.

Jon Cryer Hair Transplant

We know him as Alan Harper in Two and a Half Men. Without a hair transplant, he would have become almost bald.

Hugh Laurie Hair Transplant

He charmed us in the role of Dr. House. He suffers from hair loss and decided to simply have a hair restoration performed.

Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant

The most famous chef in the world noticed that his hairline was receding and underwent a hair transplant to fix it.

Salman Khan Hair Transplant

One of the biggest names in the Indian film industry said that he had his hair transplant done in Dubai to hide the obvious bald spot on his head.

Chris Martin Hair Transplant

We all love to see him in Coldplay, but the fans notice his hair growth only after 2009, which means that he clearly underwent a hair transplant at that time.

Robbie Williams Hair Transplant

The famous actor told the world about his hair transplant in 2013. He underwent FUE surgery and was satisfied with the result.

Enrique Iglesias Hair Transplant

The beloved singer has not confirmed his hair transplant. But he seemed to suffer from hair loss for a while before he got his hair back through a transplant.

Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant

The famous actor talked about taking Propecia to stop the progression of his baldness. However, experts believe that he may have had an FUE hair transplant in 2008.

David Silva Hair Transplant

The famous Spanish football player had to admit that he had undergone a hair transplant since the red spots from the 2017 implantation were still visible.

Lebron James Hair Transplant

Some pictures show that the professional basketball player has slight scars on the back of his head. Based on these images, we can say that he used the FUE and FUT methods to transplant about 2,400 grafts.

Tom Brady Hair Transplant

Tom Brady Hair Transplant
Tom Brady Hair Transplant

Tom Brady Hair Transplant, there were always rumors about hair transplants on this famous American football player. We know that he did not suffer from severe hair loss, but he seemed to be undergoing a hair transplant using the FUE method.

Hair Transplant Female Celebrities

In addition to men, many female celebrities around the world also suffer from hair loss, but they all look great after their hair transplantation. Most celebrities do not admit that they have undergone hair transplantation, while others talk about their experience in public. Let’s look at some celebrities who have undergone hair transplantation in the past.

Victoria Beckham Hair Transplant

You may know her as a singer, designer, or model. We noticed that her hairline had regressed. Therefore, she had a hair transplant performed using the DHI technique, which is the best technique for thinning hair.

Naomi Campbell Hair Transplant

She is a famous American model who has been struggling with traction alopecia since 2014. The rumors about her began, so she was worried about restoring her hair growth, which is why she had a hair transplant, and the public found out about it when she wore a headdress at a formal event in 2016.

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Fergie Duhamel Hair Transplant

She is the frontwoman of the band Black Eyed Peas and struggled with thinning hair and wore hair extensions in front of the camera, but in order to solve the problem from the root, Fergie decided in the end to have a hair transplant.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Transplant

She is known for her amazing hair in the American television series “Friends”. However, it may surprise you to learn that she had to have a hair transplant to cover the bald patches in her scalp caused by the hair extensions she wore on set.

Oprah Winfrey Hair Transplant

We have all seen her on TV for decades, wearing the most diverse hairstyles. But many people do not know that she had a hair transplant. She later talked about her hair loss and decided to undergo a hair transplant.

Stephanie Davis Hair Transplant

She is known for her numerous roles in British television shows, on the Internet she was recently bullied by trolls because of her thinning hair. So she considered a hair transplant to have a good image.

Kim Kardashian Hair Transplant

The old photos of the famous influencer show slight signs of thinning hair. However, according to Life and Style magazine, Kim Kardashian has undergone a hair transplant to replace the missing tufts of hair on both sides of her forehead.

Lady Gaga Hair Transplant

We have all seen them with strange and unique hairstyles before, but experts say that their hair loss is caused by an autoimmune disease, which is why it was very important for them to get a hair transplant.

Tyra Banks Hair Transplant

She is a model, businesswoman, and television personality, which did not stop her from experiencing hair loss due to stress in her work; Banks did not talk about her hair transplant, but the change in her hair density is very evident in her recent image.

Ariana Grande Hair Transplant

Her characteristic hairstyles led to hair loss. On her Instagram pictures, fans saw that Ariana has thinning hair at the temples and at the hairline. However, these areas were later covered with a hair transplant.

The increasing popularity of hair transplants among stars

The number of Celebrity Hair Transplants has increased rapidly in recent years. While in the past a hair transplant always had to be kept secret, today it is no longer subject to the same stigma as in the past. Famous personalities have contributed to this by their openness and honesty in relation to their own experience of treatment. In many ways, the popularity of this treatment among the rich and famous is not surprising. Bald spots and receding hairline corners are difficult to hide, and it is even more difficult to hide the sudden reappearance of freshly transplanted hair because they are an integral part of our appearance. However, the increasing transparency of celebrities in relation to this procedure has given many others the confidence to undergo treatment themselves and thereby regain their self-confidence.

Hair transplants: what are they and how are they performed?

Simply put, a hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure for men or women who lose their hair. The treatment aims to restore lost hair permanently by transplanting hair follicles from an area of the body – usually the back of the head or sides – to the bald spot.

There are several techniques for performing a hair transplant. The most common method is follicle extraction (FUE), in which the hair follicles are taken and transplanted one by one. Other common techniques are sapphire FUE and direct hair implantation (DHI).

After a hair transplant, it usually takes a year for the final result to be visible, but in some cases it can also take up to 18 months. If performed correctly, a hair transplant should last a lifetime, although the procedure cannot stop the loss of natural hair.

Celebrity Hair Transplants information. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this subject with us. Be sure to do more research and consult your doctor about your health issues. You can search through the Google search engine.

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