Chillies, how to dry them: all methods

They give a spicy and character touch to every dish: i chili Peppers they are not lacking in any kitchen because they are a berry that goes perfectly with many recipes. They are also a food rich in properties that is good for health, diet and – as is often said – even under the sheets.

It can be found in different formats: in powder, or in olive oil to make it tastier or still fresh to be minced. But how can it be done dry in home? There are fundamental methods and several that allow you to carry out this process and have the chili always at hand, even out of season.

From the more DIY methods to the more professional ones, it is important to know that however it is not necessary to have the perfect tool to obtain dehydrated peppers to keep for a long time.

Chillies, what it is

The peppers are berries, plants of the same family of peppers from which they differ in the typically spicy taste. Each variety, and they are quite numerous, has its own degree of spiciness which is indicated with a special scale. In the kitchen, chilli is a cross product as it goes perfectly with both sweet and savory. Because of its peculiarity it is not appreciated by everyone, but it is still one of the most common berries used above all to flavor dishes. You can keep it in different ways but, without a doubt, it is always better to do so dry to make sure you have it available for as long as possible.

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How to dry chillies: the methods

There are so many different methods for dry the chillies from the do-it-yourself ones, to others that involve the use of household appliances: in any case, the procedure allows them to be preserved in the best possible way, ensuring that they do not lose their peculiarities and that they can last longer over time. To obtain a satisfactory result, obviously, one must start from a high quality product: you can choose fresh chillies purchased or grown independently. Among the basic methods for drying them are the sun, the oven and – for those who own it – the dryer.

How to dry chillies in the sun

Per dry the chillies outdoors particularly sunny and not very humid days must be chosen. Before proceeding with the arrangement, it will be necessary to wash them carefully and arrange them, cut in half, on a net. They will need to be placed outdoors, in a place where they can be as long as possible in direct sunlight. Possibly it should be remembered to store them indoors at night. To obtain perfect dried chillies you need at least three days of sun exposure. But the exact times will depend on their size and the amount of sun they can take.

How to dry chillies at home

Another method for drying chillies is to hang them indoors in a particularly dry place. Each pod will need to be pierced with a needle to pass the thread. The final result should be similar to a necklace, which should not be too big, much better to make many but of medium size. The waiting times, so that you can have a product dehydrated at the right point, is almost a month.

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Later they can be stored like this, or by other methods.

How to dry chillies with salt

Chillies can dry also thanks to the salt. After having washed and cleaned them, they will have to be minced, leaving them in fairly large pieces. They will then be placed in a jar and mixed with salt. Over time they can be used to flavor recipes, but being careful not to use any more salt as this compound is already very savory on its own.

How to dry chillies in the oven

A very useful household appliance for drying food, including chilli pepper, is the oven. In fact, to obtain the desired result, it will be sufficient to put the chillies, in this case not only washed but also cut in half, for about six hours while maintaining the low temperature (about 50 degrees if ventilated). Attention, for perfect drying, the oven door must be kept slightly open.

After the required time the chillies will be dehydrated to perfection.

How to dry chillies with the dryer

For those who have thedryer the process will be much simpler. In fact, just follow the instructions on the appliance to obtain a perfect and completely dehydrated pepper. On the market there are different types and prices. Surely the use of this machine helps to greatly reduce the preparation time.

How to store dried chillies

Dried chillies can be stored in a variety of ways. If you have made a “necklace” to hang, you can leave them in the wire and take them off whenever you need them.

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To obtain the chili powder, however, they will be chopped and the mixture stored in a clean jar. If you want to make a flavored oil, you will have to cut them into medium-sized pieces and put them in a container with extra virgin olive oil.

Peperoncino, its properties

Chilli has several properties that make it an excellent ally for well-being too. In particular it is perfect for improving the digestion and to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Among other benefits we can mention those at heart, reducing blood pressure, and as a support for moles low calorie diets. If eaten fresh, therefore without being dried, it contains vitamin C. Using chilli, when preparing recipes, also allows you to reduce the doses of salt to flavor dishes. And also for this reason it is a very useful product in the kitchen if you want to follow a diet that at the same time helps to reduce pressure problems and acts against water retention and cellulite. But be careful, there are also cases in which its consumption is contraindicated, it should in any case be used without exaggerating with the doses.

Chilli, the aphrodisiac effect

Chilli pepper has always been considered an aphrodisiac, in fact it is part of those foods (such as oysters) that seem to be able to ignite the passion. But, even in this case, it must be remembered that it must be taken sparingly and without exceeding the weekly doses and quantities.

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