Christmas and New Year’s makeup 2022: the most glamorous ideas

The perfect makeup for Christmas and New Year 2022 enhances the beauty of every woman and deviates from every day make-up, while respecting the style and personality of each of us. For lovers of the world of beauty, the Christmas holidays are a unique opportunity to go overboard with a particular trick scathing and that reflects our character.

There is plenty to indulge yourself, from the outfit for the New Year to a make-up designed just for the Christmas holidays, whether it is glamorous and trendy. Just choose the right products and the nuances that best suit your complexion and eye and hair color. The great classics are the Red lipstick they glitter eyeshadows but there is no shortage of alternative and unconventional beauty proposals.

These are important evenings, especially New Year’s Eve, so we bring a small beauty with the essentials for a quick retouch that allows us to be flawless all night long!

Ideas for a fabulous Christmas and New Year’s make-up

Let’s start from the basics: face makeup to be unforgettable during the holidays

The perfect Christmas and New Year’s makeup starts with making one flawless face base. A guide to choosing foundation for all skin types it is therefore essential and helps us to focus on the right product to combine with a good concealer, to cover redness and imperfections while maintaining a healthy and natural effect.

Natural soap and water effect base

In this phase, the choice of the right color becomes fundamental: we recommend that you always use a long-lasting foundation but to choose the most suitable finish for your skin type, not forgetting first of all to apply a face primer to even out the texture.

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Yara Shahidi Natalie Portman Makeup
Yara Shahidi and Natalie Portman – Instagram Photo @diorbeauty

The foundation is one of the best products for nourished and hydrated skin, even and especially in the case of dry skin where it is essential to choose a product that nourishes and illuminates at the same time. On the contrary, the perfect foundation for those with oily skin it is oil free and sebum rebalancing: we choose the one that best suits us.

Glow effect finish to be luminous

A glow-effect foundation is ideal for enhancing the complexion during the Christmas holidays: to further emphasize the luminous finish of the skin it is possible to give light to strategic areas of the face with the application of a good enlightening. We will therefore go to act on the bridge of the nose, on the cheekbones and the Cupid’s bow immediately above the lips, with mermaid effect face highlighters in cream or powder.

Christmas and New Years makeup 2022 the most glamorous ideas
Instagram photo | Zendaya

If you have oily or combination skin, or simply prefer a porcelain complexion, you should never forget to set your foundation and concealer with a veil of powder.

Perfect face with the covering foundation

If our face has those small imperfections that at least during the Christmas and New Year holidays we would like them to disappear, that’s no problem. All you need to do is apply a high quality covering foundation that uniforms the face in a way natural and not contrived.

Christmas and New Years makeup 2022 the most glamorous ideas
Foto Shutterstock | Sky Cinema

Contouring is now out, much better to emphasize the features of the face in a natural way and at the same time make the skin silky and homogeneous with a good product.

Eye make-up: how to make your eyes the protagonist during the holidays

Lo gaze it can prove to be an incredible ally during the Christmas and New Year holidays, helping us to express our true essence and, why not, to conquer someone who interests us. To ensure that it does not go unnoticed we must be daring with a eye make-up amazing that give depth and sensuality.

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Magnetic and bright eyes thanks to smokey eyes

Lo smokey eyes a great autumn-winter trend is confirmed as regards eye makeup and focusing on the nuanced one for New Year’s or Christmas is never a false step. Green light for dark colors such as black, grey, purple or blue to blend and mix together to lengthen the eye and make the gaze magnetic.

Christmas and New Years makeup 2022 the most glamorous ideas
Charlize Theron – Foto Instagram @charlizetherondiaries

To give a touch of light to a smokey eye we can mix a pinch of glitter eyeshadowin silver or gold, a kajal soft and black, strictly shaded in the lower lash line. Or insert a point of illuminating or shiny eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. For sure we will need one mascara super!

Romantic look – let’s play with eyeliner

A super glamorous alternative to the smokey effect comes directly from the latest social trends and is to use a long tail eyeliner. The result will be very delicate, super romantic and doe eyes are guaranteed!

Christmas and New Years makeup 2022 the most glamorous ideas
Instagram photo | Paola Turani

If, on the other hand, we want to play a bit and create more graphic effects with our faithful eyeliner, we can take a peek at some tutorials and focus on the double wing make up: two thin or thick lines depending on the result we want to obtain, one in the eyelash attachment and the other

Wow-effect eyes with endless fluo colors and glitter

Let’s now move on to the most amazing make-up to make for the Christmas holidays, which focuses entirely on a come on eye palette shimmering colors, brilliant and super glam! For New Year’s it is simply the best, but why not choose glitter and sparkles even for Christmas dinner?

Christmas and New Years makeup 2022 the most glamorous ideas
Instagram photo | Kate Moss

For a family dinner, it’s better to create an eye make-up that shines but with elegance, using our friend as an eyeshadow enlightening and spread it on the upper part of the eyelid and in the eyebrow arch.

If we celebrate with friends, however, let’s get going with the scratchy and fluorescent colors that cross the eyelid like a tear. We mustn’t be afraid to dare and experiment with makeup trends by also playing with applications: pearls, beads, gems and rhinestones they will make our eyes unforgettable.

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Perfect lips for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, here’s the make-up for the holidays

To have a perfect make-up and make us shine during the Christmas holidays, only one ingredient is missing: the make up labbra. Among lipsticks, glosses and many nuances, the choice is wide: it’s up to us to decide which lip makeup trend we want to complete the beauty look.

Red lipstick for refined and seductive lips

And chic Christmas make-up can not do without the classic red lipstick, an undisputed must have for special occasions. To make it unforgettable, we can blend it by outlining the lips with a slightly darker pencil or blurring the lipstick outwards making it gradually lighter as you approach the lip contour.

Christmas and New Years makeup 2022 the most glamorous ideas
Foto Getty Images | Pascal Le Segretain

For something bolder, directly from the most glamorous winter palettes, we focus on dark and dark nuances such as burgundy, purple and amaranth to be chosen rigorously matte.

Nude, refined and natural lips

If we want something different from the classic red, leave the natural lips with a lipstick of the color of our complexion it will divert the gaze to the eye make-up, making it the real protagonist.

Christmas and New Years makeup 2022 the most glamorous ideas
Instagram photos | Sydney Sweeney – fall winter makeup trends

Nude lipstick is an evergreen beauty that always makes us feel super refined, to be combined with a sparkling lip pencil in a darker tone and a veil of transparent gloss for retro vibes. If, however, we want something absolutely irresistible, we choose a brown lipstick, certainly the most delicious nuance of all!

Gloss and shiny: festive lipsticks are super hydrating

Last but not least, the most glamorous lip make-up of the holidays can only be the teen, sparkling and delicate one: we are obviously talking about the gloss! Whether it’s transparent or in the most delicate shades like pink and nude, the gloss is a moisturizing lipstick that plumps and nourishes the lips.

Christmas and New Years makeup 2022 the most glamorous ideas
@emrata’s Instagram photo

Super shiny and with an aqueous finish, or shiny and glossy, this lipstick is the non plus ultra of style, simply perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. To be combined with a cheeky and lively hairstyle!

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