Complex with weight – 5 Causes – 8 Ways to deal with it

When our weight is not the ideal we desire, we may have a complex with our weight and not feel comfortable with our body. The extra pounds also make us nervous. They also create insecurities. In this article of our magazine we will tell you the reasons why you have a complex with your weight and how to deal with this situation.

Reasons you have a weight complex

1. You are negatively influenced by society’s standards

Social media and the internet in today’s age have created wrong standards which most of the time are also photoshopped. That is, they present a model body with perfect proportions flawlessly which in reality is not so.

It is photoshop, meaning the image has been edited as best as possible to present this effect. Therefore, you then go on social media and see flawless models and it affects you negatively, resulting in you having a complex with the extra pounds you have.

2. You lack confidence

You are not sure of yourself and lack self-confidence. You feel bad with the extra pounds. Because various external factors influence you, you lack self-confidence.

This may have something to do with some experiences you’ve had with your appearance. And this has made you uncomfortable with your appearance.

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3. You have received negative comments

You have received some negative comments about your appearance and this has made you feel bad about your weight. Maybe your experience includes bad events that happened in relation to your weight and this made you sad and even created a complex for you.

4. You have a lot of pressure from your family environment to lose weight

Your family environment tells you that you need to lose weight. They don’t say it in a bad way, you just feel pressured and upset. They definitely want your well being and for you to be well. You just take it as pressure that you have to lose the extra pounds you have. And this has created anxiety about your weight.

5. You don’t feel good about yourself

Maybe you don’t feel good about yourself and don’t like the extra pounds you have? This has made you nervous and feel bad about your body. You feel complex about your body and want to lose extra pounds because you don’t feel good about yourself and your body type.

Ways of dealing with

1. Put your opinion of yourself above the opinion of others

Don’t listen to what each other is saying. And don’t think about what they think of you. Always put your opinion above everyone else’s. You are who you are with this body type and you shouldn’t care what anyone says.

Then you will enter another process and you will wonder what everyone thinks about you and that will upset you. There is no reason to go through this process and have it take a toll on you. Each person is different and unique with their faults and strengths.

2. Make sure to improve your self-confidence

Have confidence in general in your life in whatever you do. Self-confidence is a great asset that all people should have. When you are confident you don’t care what others say about you and you don’t even want to know.

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You are who you are with this body type with a few extra abs. So make sure to improve your self-confidence and don’t care what they say and what they think about you.

3. Don’t pay attention to what each other says

Don’t think about what they say about you. They usually comment and make fun of people of low intelligence who do not think that they are upsetting and hurting with the mean things they say. They generally do it, don’t think they only do it to you. You will look ahead and not pay attention to what anyone says.

Everyone can say and do whatever they want, you won’t care, you won’t care. When you don’t pay attention to what everyone says you won’t be sad and it won’t bring you down psychologically.

4. Try to accept yourself. Nobody is perfect

You are who you are with this body type. Try to accept yourself. And to like you. All people have imperfections, no one is perfect. When you accept who you are, you will be better and psychologically you will not have nerves and you will not be sad.

You will not think negatively about yourself. You will be happy in whatever you do, you will be cheerful and always remember to smile. Always think of something positive to smile about.

5. Try to lose extra weight

Try to change your lifestyle and start diet and exercise to lose the extra weight. If you can’t go on a diet plan yourself, visit a nutritionist who will definitely put you on a plan and you will lose the extra pounds that are bothering you.

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Start walking daily for at least an hour a day. Also, if you want, you can go to a gym that has various fitness equipment that will definitely help you lose weight. If you still don’t want to have the membership of the gym, you can do it yourself as we said above. With the will and the effort, everything will go well, you will lose the extra weight and your psychology will immediately change.

6. Dress smartly and attractively

Make sure your outfit is stylish and attractive at the same time. Choose clothes that flatter your proportions and match your personality. Take care of your nails, your hair, your body. Going to a hairdresser to change your hair cut or hairstyle.

Take care of your skin with body creams so that your skin is always hydrated and glowing. When you take care of yourself you will feel more beautiful and of course you will be renewed and fresh.

7. Don’t be negatively biased

Don’t think negatively about your appearance. Go outside and don’t think negatively. Think only positively about your appearance. To make friends, to participate in conversations, to be cheerful and happy. What a moment to live.

Have fun with your friends and don’t be negatively biased about what other people think of you. Have fun in your life and think only positive and happy things.

8. Give a basis to your mental gifts and not to any defects of the external appearance

Every person has their strengths and their flaws. To give a basis to your mental gifts, that is, to your inner appearance. The inner appearance of the soul counts far more than any flaws in the outer appearance.

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