Dental care, tips and treatments to get the perfect smile

I teeth they have a great impact on the perception we have of ourselves, so much so that sometimes, when they are crooked or not perfectly white, they also compromise our mood, making us feel less sure of ourselves.

Today, however, it is always easier to ensure a “perfect smile” and solve some imperfections such as, dental stains and small imperfections. The new ones invisible dental aligners they allow to straighten the teeth but without the unsightly effect of the underwire. All the tips and secrets to take care of your teeth every day and look great in photos, quickened by the experts of DR SMILE.

Perfect smile: care and techniques to have beautiful teeth

“It may seem obvious but the first suggestion for a healthy and beautiful smile is to brush your teeth at least twice a dayin the morning as soon as you wake up and in the evening before going to sleep.

Also very important pay attention to what you eat; some foods and drinks, in fact, are bad for the teeth, especially those of dark color such as coffee and red wine, which can stain them and make them turn yellow. Corrosive foods such as citrus fruits and fizzy drinks, on the other hand, can damage the enamel. On the other hand, there are excellent foods such as apples, carrots and celery that act as natural cleansers for the teeth »explains the expert of DR SMILE.

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The last piece of advice is to have regular check-ups at the dentist at least twice a year so as not to have to face problems that could have been solved more easily if taken in time.

For this reason, as part of the treatment, DR SMILE through its app is available to its customers 365 days a year for every question and need. The company also organizes online video consultations with the attending dentist and dedicated appointments at partner practices.

The basic steps to brush your teeth correctly

“When brushing your teeth it is essential wait at least 30 minutes if you have consumed foods or drinks containing acids, such as citrus fruits, wine or fruit juices. Brushing the teeth while the acids are still potentially attacking the enamel, in fact, risks damaging them in their moment of vulnerability.”

“Often it is not possible to wait that long, in this case it is preferable to rinse the mouth with water for a couple of times, thus reducing the effect of the acids. Also very important to make sure that it is toothbrush is suitable for your teeth and that allows you to easily reach all the teeth without difficulty, thus guaranteeing more complete oral hygiene.”

Our advice is also to use toothbrushes with soft bristlesas they are less aggressive for tooth enamel and gums continues the expert.

Dental floss and mouthwash: when to use them and how

With what toothbrush often it is not possible to clean the space between one tooth and the other in the best possible way, so it would be optimal to use the dental flosswhich helps remove plaque and food debris while preventing cavities from forming.

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Once you have brushed your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and removed any food residues with dental floss, it is recommended to finish the oral hygiene operation with some mouthwash.

This contributes to the health not only of the teeth, but of the whole mouth, further sanitizing the mouth and ensuring continuous protection of the teeth. Thanks to this continuous and constant treatment it is possible to prevent the formation of tartar and plaque, the spread of germs or the formation of caries.

Dental braces: the new invisible aligners

Today, thanks to new technologies in the field of orthodontics aAligning crooked teeth no longer requires long years of fixed bracesbut it can be done by resorting to a treatment such as that of DR SMILE.

The invisible aligners they allow you to have a perfect smile in just 3 steps: it starts with an informative appointment, followed by a personalized treatment plan and finally by the actual treatment in the comfort of your home “explain from the brand.

The treatment plan is precisely planned by orthodontists or dentists who specialize in treatments with aligners and then finalized in consultation with the dental laboratory.

Unsightly mold impressions are no longer necessary: ​​the 3D scanning offers greater accuracy compared to an impression made with the traditional blue mold material. Furthermore, simulations of the results are used to determine the most suitable treatment.

There are three different products:

  • Easy (treatment from 1 to 3 months), intensity of treatment: minimal corrections or only for one jaw.
  • Medium (treatment from 4 to 6 months), intensity of treatment: possible displacement of the premolars.
  • Complex (treatment for 6 months), intensity of treatment: possible displacement of the premolars, possibility of attacks.
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Teeth whitening: does it hurt?

Lo dental whitening, if carried out professionally and with the appropriate tools, it is a treatment that does not cause pain or contraindications, however it should be avoided in case of dental sensitivity. In fact, whitening has among the greater side effects during treatment precisely an accentuated sensitivity to cold and heat of all the dental elements.

In our centers we put a provision a dental whitening kit a home. The whitening agent lightens the enamel, or more precisely the pigments in it contained. These fade over the years, mostly due to coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco. The whitening process can be accelerated by the heat (UV light or laser).

Selfie, like smiling to look good in a photo

The secret to the perfect selfie is to feel comfortable with your smile. Many, in fact, do not smile because they feel embarrassed to show those they perceive as flaws, and this affects their self-esteem and the way they relate to others, both of person who in the picture.

For this reason, the goal of DR SMILE is to help its patients a become the best version of yourself, not only as regards aesthetics, but also from an emotional point of view »concludes the expert.

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