Dimitris Giannetos: Changed Megan Fox’s hair to “blood red” for the fall!

Another day, another different hair color from her Megan Fox. In the last months, the Megan Fox she has given us a blonde-pink hair and before that she also “served” a gray hair color.

However, her latest look might be our favorite. Her hairdresser, Dimitris Giannetosposted a series of photos on his Instagram, with the actress sporting crimson hair.

This time, the Megan Fox adopted a rich red wool which made her blue eyes stand out even more and she was gorgeous for fall. Paired with a gold lamé dress, her look took off.

Dimitris Giannetos: Changed Megan Fox’s hair to “blood red” for the fall!

Her fiery color Megan Fox from the hands of Dimitris Giannetou, it is called “red blood” and is nothing like the classic red. No one knows if it’s a radical change or a makeover for Halloween.

This autumn, along with brown shades, red dyes are also making a comeback. Cinnamon color is one of the most popular reds, while its dye Megan Fox it is a unique combination of red and pink.

But it’s not just the color of her hair Μegan Fox to our delight, the makeup was also on point. THE makeup artist of the event, Clarissa Luna, captioned her Instagram post, “MEGAN FOX goth fairy vibes.” Clarissa matched Megan’s lip color to her hair with one ombre merlot lip color.

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