Do you love chocolates? Here you will find a wide variety of the most delicious

First of all I want to make this clear: I could feed myself exclusively on chocolates. And since such a thing is not possible, I have limited myself and enjoy my favorites as often as possible. I also dare to say that I am an “expert”. It is the only souvenir I get from traveling and of course I have discovered the place where the most beautiful chocolates ever are concentrated. I won’t keep you in suspense: It’s at Lidl. And I’ll reveal all the details to you right away.

All you have to do is visit the nearest store and head towards the “magic” aisle with chocolates. In all of Lidl’s private label chocolate products, 100% of the cocoa is already Fairtrade certified. The range is huge: With nuts, with raisins, dark chocolate with 74% cocoa, milk, with biscuit and bars. In different sizes, from 40gr that you can always have in your bag, even the tiny evening one, up to 300gr for movie nights at home with your girlfriends.

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But there is also a certain category that I am sure you will love, especially if you have a weakness for special flavors. These are the fine private label chocolates under the “JD Gross” brand. Make a note of it, please, because as soon as you try them, you’ll thank me. Pralines from Belgium and chocolates with caramel or orange are just some of those that exist in this category. As well as chocolates with varieties from Ecuador or Amazonas, which contain different percentages of quality cocoa as an ingredient (56% or 60% or 70%), so you can choose whichever suits your own eating habits, preferences or mood.

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JDGross es

And something else very important about Lidl’s certified chocolates: All ingredients are 100 percent Fair Trade purchased. set of private label chocolate products featuring the 100% of the cocoa is already certified with the Fairtrade product seal, wanting to offer producers security and fairer pay and of course quality products for consumers.

They are all simply wonderful and I am categorical, so don’t ask me to recommend my favorite. All you have to do is trust me and try them today. I even have a little surprise for you: From this week (September 15-21) you will find selected chocolates with a 20% discount, all with Fairtrade certification.

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