Dogs can also be insecure

Observing our four-legged friend we would surely have wondered: i dogs can be insecure? The answer is by no means complex. In fact, dogs feel a sense of inadequacy and uncertainty and consequently yes, also of insecurity.

These feelings are not the prerogative of human beings. Let us reflect on these sentences:

  • “Oh heck, a person I don’t know. Will you want to communicate with me? What can I say? How can I do? Help”.
  • “This thing I’ve never done, will I be able?” What if I’m not? Now I am anxious ».
  • “I am nothing and nobody, I have no skills and I think I can not succeed in anything I do”.

They give a sense of insecurity, right? Well, dogs do too. And to tell the truth, thereinsecurity is a problem which can make the life of the four legs, that of the owners and coexistence very complicated, which is why it must be recognized and managed correctly.

In addition, since each dog is completely unique and that every situation and every bond created between quadrupeds and human beings is also, once the insecurity has been recognized, it must be treated by turning to a dog educator: a professional, serious and prepared. Having made these necessary premises, let’s see some characteristics of insecurity in dogs.

What Makes Dogs Unsafe?

Therefore, dogs can be insecure. But what makes them so? The question is actually incorrect, because our four-legged friends can either to be born than to become insecure for life experiences.

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But that’s not all: they can be insecure because of the owners who do not carry out their role adequately and charge them with responsibilities that are not within their competence. Plus, dogs feel insecure when they realize not being able to trust and trust to their human friends and may feel insecurity in the face of situations they do not know and for which they do not have the necessary skills.

How do dogs feel insecure?

What are the sensations try from insecure dogs? Just the ones that we ourselves know well:

  • They think they have no capacity;
  • They have no self-confidence;
  • They have no self-esteem;
  • They feel inadequate.

It sounds nonsense, but an insecure dog is a dog that doesn’t believe in itself. And he proves it.

How is insecurity expressed in dogs?

One problem with insecurity in dogs is that due to the ways it manifests it is normally confused about something else. Thus, not being recognized it is not managed. However, there is an expression such as canine insecurity, and it is the classic one the other dogs made a scene.

An interaction that is usually categorized as aggression, but which hardly leads to a real fight, is very, very often a symptom of insecurity.

What not to do with insecure dogs?

Dogs can be insecure and can, therefore, always feel “wrong”. For this reason they are not to be ignored and overlooked in their difficulty. They also shouldn’t be punished for behaviors that manifest the way they feel. The only result of doing so is to further aggravate the situation.

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How to help your dog feel confident

What do insecure dogs need? We answer in the most obvious way: they need to feel safe. Fortunately, there are ways we can help the four-legged get better. In general terms, the work to be done to help the dog gain at least some confidence is on two fronts.

In the first place I was a proprietor they have to work on themselvesbecause the dog needs its owners to be there for him / her, to be the guidance they need, to be in control and to manage situations, to give rules, to be consistent, and to make him feel appreciated and understood, as well as loved, for who he is. Simply put, for the dog to feel safe he needs to find security and stability in the people and context in which he lives, and work must be done to ensure that he has it.

The other front of work is directly the dog, who must be helped to build the sense of himself and the awareness of his abilities that are necessary for him to feel safe. There are several ways in which you can help the dog to become aware of himself and of his abilities and, as mentioned at the beginning, since every dog ​​is a unique individual, everyone has his own path, which is why it is appropriate contact a dog educator professional.

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