Fasting Diet (Intermittent Fasting) – What it is – How it works

The fasting diet, also known as intermittent fasting, is a diet that is not based on counting calories but on limiting the frequency of eating during the day.

That is, in the fasting diet we limit the number of meals during the day and we do not need to count calories.

In fact, most of the time when we say fasting diet we mean a diet in which we do not eat food for about 18 hours a day. The remaining 6 hours we can eat as much as we want and whatever we want

The even stricter version of the fasting diet is to eat only one meal a day (at noon). The logic is that if we only eat one meal a day it is almost impossible no matter how much effort we make to exceed in quantity the recommended daily intake of calories.

How does the fasting diet (intermittent fasting) work?

The fasting diet works as follows. When the body has to eat for many hours then the energy levels decrease. This forces the body to use the secondary energy source as fuel. This source is the excess stored fat that we want to get rid of.

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How to do a fasting diet?

There are two ways. In the first method, you choose six hours of the day in which you allow yourself to eat whatever you want, while in the remaining 18, including sleep, you will not eat anything. Of course you can drink water, tea (without sugar) or even zero-calorie soft drinks.

In the second way you eat as much as you want at lunch and nothing the rest of the day. Of course, you can still drink plenty of water as well as consume tea, soft drinks type zero.

Many choose to do this diet for a few days and then stop. Others follow the 5-2 rule. That is, they do this diet for five days and then stop for two days. Then the process is repeated.

Someone who does a fasting diet (intermittent fasting) from the very first days sees spectacular results. This diet is considered very fast and effective but it makes you hungry. So it’s not that easy.

Is the fasting diet safe?

We cannot give a clear answer to this question. But the only thing that is certain is that the fasting diet is not for everyone. So anyone who wants to try it should ask their doctor. Intermittent fasting can cause some problems for some people because of this and many experts do not recommend it.

Therefore, any person who wants to try this type of diet, should look for it and consult the experts.

Is the intermittent fasting diet effective?

When it comes to burning fat the answer is yes. The fasting diet burns fat in a massive way. This is perhaps the most effective diet for burning fat. Losing weight is fast and effective.

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How does the fasting diet relate to autophagy?

Autophagy is a condition in which the body, due to a lack of energy, is forced to break down various proteins or dead – problematic tissues in order to convert them into energy.

This on the one hand is quite useful as it helps a lot in detoxifying the body but on the other hand if autophagy continues for a longer time then it can damage healthy tissues as well.

The fasting diet is known to induce autophagy. This is one of the main reasons why it is so effective in burning fat.

What are the advantages of the fasting diet?

  1. Fast weight loss
  2. Fat burning
  3. Feeling of well-being
  4. Great efficiency in achieving goals
  5. Detoxification

What are the disadvantages of the fasting diet

  1. Increased hunger for at least the first three to four days
  2. Possibility of dizziness
  3. Feeling of lack of energy in the first few days
  4. Possibility of causing health problems if the diet becomes too strict and prolonged

Should I do a fasting diet or not?

The responsibility is entirely yours. The article simply informs us about what the fasting diet is and how it works. We do not urge you to do it or not to do it. The choice is purely yours.

You know your body, your capabilities and your needs. We should warn you that although the fasting diet has very good results in terms of burning fat, at the same time it cannot be considered the most balanced. Therefore, the fasting diet is not suitable for everyone.

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