Find out what not to use to clean mirrors and glass

Cleaning mirrors and glass is very easy when the correct products and tools are used. But do you know what they are? And do you know what not to use to clean mirrors and glass? Clarify your doubts now and never again have scratched or stained mirrors and glass.

abrasive products

Very rough sponges, sandpaper or abrasive chemical products such as soap and bleach are not recommended, as they can stain and scratch glass and mirrors.


This tip for cleaning windows and mirrors with crumpled up newspaper is very old and many people love it. However, there is a risk that the newspaper ink will loosen and stain glass and mirrors over time. Be careful!

Furry Shedding Rags

The lint starts to stick to the mirror and glass and you’ll regret it a few seconds after you start wiping. Avoid any lint-shedding cloth for this cleaning, or it will never come out very clean.

What to use to clean windows and mirrors?

It’s best to buy glass cleaner, spray it on a lint-free cloth, and wipe it over windows and mirrors. This is all you need.

If the surface is very dusty, please use a duster first, as the dust may have debris that will scratch the glass and window. Remove this dust and then clean with the product.

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