Five foods to strengthen your hair

The change of season puts a strain on the hair. Whether they are straight or curly, medium or long, with the arrival of the autumn season, the hair inexorably begins to fall out.

However, food can help us. Here are five hair-saving foods that will help you immediately notice the difference.


Salmon is a fish rich in Omega3, iron, zinc and vitamin D, nutrients, which help keep the hair healthy. It is recommended that you eat a 60g serving at least twice a week.


Beans and lentils in the first place. They contain nutrients such as iron, zinc, proteins, biotin, vitamin B. They allow proper oxygenation of the hair and are indicated at least 2-3 times a week, preferably if integrated with cereals.

lentil soup


For healthy and strong hair, what better ingredient than dried fruit? In particular, walnuts have the ability to strengthen the hair because they are rich in potassium, iron, omega3 and vitamins. Ideal for an afternoon snack.


Orange fruits and vegetables

Carrots, squash, peppers, but also citrus fruits such as mandarins and oranges, peaches, apricots fall into this category. They are a source of vitamins and beta-carotene which stimulates the production of keratin and makes hair healthier.



Spinach, like most vegetables, contain vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron which, by stimulating the production of sebum, help to make the hair softer and stronger. They also contain vitamin C, which has a powerful antioxidant action. Vegetables are recommended at least 4-5 times a week.

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In general, the best remedy is to follow a balanced diet, drink lots of water and avoid too sugary foods, sausages, dairy products, fatty meats, alcohol, which risk making hair greasy.

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