Food allergies in babies, how to try to prevent them from pregnancy

Nutrition is a fundamental element on which our health and well-being depends and becomes even more important in the years of development, which is why we very often ask ourselves about the problem of food allergies in children. For example, according to research, it is possible to prevent some even from pregnancy. Does it seem strange to you? Here’s what this study unveiled!

According to a study by a team at Boston Children’s Hospital, the foods a woman chooses during pregnancy and during the breastfeeding phase are of considerable importance for the development of possible food allergy in children. According to this research, which is still in a preliminary stage, in the sense that at the moment it has been conducted only on animal guinea pigs, there could be some feeding strategies that could help us prevent the onset of future food allergies.

Based on the tests carried out so far it has emerged that exposure to certain foods, already during the stage of gestation and then during breastfeeding, it allows to prevent the onset of these allergies because the children (in this case the puppies) would already be immunized. Therefore, according to these researchers, inserting in the mom’s diet potentially allergenic foods it would be possible to prevent the actual onset of food intolerances and allergies. But to have a confirmation in this sense we should wait for the same study to be tested on pregnant womenmonitoring the development of the child during his first years of life.

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