Food combinations that help you lose weight

It is the most important meal of the day. For this, firstly you should not skip it and secondly it is good to show it a special care, including in your plate all the necessary nutrients that your body needs. Because, well, the good day from the breakfast looks, today we share with you some combinations of foods that will not only “wake you up” in the best way, but will also help you lose weight. Voila!

Yogurt with oats and some nuts

Classic and beloved. Yogurt with its low fat and high probiotic content helps you get rid of unnecessary bloating, get a flat stomach, while taking care of your gut health. Its combination with oats is really a savior for your figure. While you’re enjoying your morning bowl, you’re providing your body with the necessary fiber and stimulating your metabolism at the same time. That is, you activate the fat burning process and feel full for a longer period of time. Good morning!

Food combinations that help you lose weight 1

Whole wheat toast with avocado and pumpkin seeds

Not all fats are bad. We talked and agreed! One way to incorporate good fats into your clean menu is “hiding” between the layers of buttery avocado. Whole grains, from which toasts are usually made, are rich in fiber. At the same time, the addition of avocado gives this dish good fats and pumpkin seeds the secret to a flat stomach. Enjoy!

Food combinations that help you lose weight

Omelet with black-eyed beans

An unexpected, but highly beneficial combination. For those of you who love salty flavors, it can also become your favorite breakfast! The combination of fresh eggs and black-eyed beans is more than explosive. Rich in protein, ideal if you exercise often, beneficial for burning fat, especially from the abdominal area. Go Fitness Girl!

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Food combinations that help you lose weight

Banana Muffins with Almonds

I don’t want to leave you complaining. Why, I know you have a particular weakness for sweet tastes. And you are doing well, if they are healthy. Try making some banana muffins – with brown or no sugar – and top them with a small handful of almonds. You will be full, you will “wake up” and you will not bother your mind with thoughts about losing weight again.

Food combinations that help you lose weight

Green Smoothie with Chia seeds and accompanied by… egg

A smoothie to… drink in the glass! Literally. You will detoxify your body from yesterday’s crepes, the chia seeds will sweetly stimulate your metabolism, the egg will slightly change the sensation in your taste buds and will fill you up for many hours. Good Morning!

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