Foundation for dry skin? Here’s how to nourish and illuminate it

When you are struggling with dry skin, the primary need is no longer a single one: the make-up products to be preferred, in fact, are not purely functional to perfect it, but must first of all know how to fill the hydration deficiencies that characterize the driest complexion.

Contrary to what happens with the foundation for oily skin, these have no formulations at all oil free and sebum-balancing, but rather are enriched with highly moisturizing and nourishing treatment ingredients for the skin, whose goal is to guarantee constant hydration for as long as necessary.

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Dior: Forever Skin Glow

To introduce ours top 3 it is he, the iconic one Dior Forever Skin Glow: il bright foundation most acclaimed of the Maison gives the complexion an instant veil of perfection for a long time, even it seems up to 24 hours! The special formula, composed of precious floral extracts, allows the product from texture liquid to intensely moisturize the skin to improve its quality little by little. The complexion therefore appears radiant, uniform and smooth, full of new light for a long time.
Charlotte Tilbury: Beautiful Skin Foundation

Foundation for dry skin Heres how to nourish and illuminate

Let us now turn to the beloved Beautiful Skin Foundation from Charlotte Tilbury, a foundation with a radiant effect that moisturizes, firms and smoothes the skin texture, making it extremely luminous. The coverage is medium and modular, but what makes it noteworthy is undoubtedly the refined formulation that composes it: strengthened by the very current trend of Skinificationthis product uses popular ingredients suitable for skincare combining the brilliance snapshot to the aesthetic needs of the skin, giving it long-term benefits.

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You got it right, rose extract and hyaluronic acid work synergistically in order to confer light and deep hydrationnot just temporarily speaking.
Nars: Light Reflecting Foundation

Foundation for dry skin Heres how to nourish and illuminate

The promise of Nars? That “the skin shine with its best light”Thanks to the foundation Light Reflectinganother hybrid product that combines the classic make-up to skincare to promptly intervene on imperfections and irregularities, minimizing dark circles, dark spots and redness. The appearance of the skin appears visibly improved, yes, even after removing make-up.

The ingredients skincare advanced help to protect it against environmental aggressions and blue light, immediately strengthening the skin barrier while preserving its hydration. The promised coverage is medium but modular, with a finish natural that meets different needs, transforming it into acovering foundation if necessary.

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