Ginger, the essential rules for growing it at home

If you want to cultivate one ginger plant in the house there are some precautions that you must follow. Increasingly present in our homes, ginger in Italy is grown almost only in pots, as it usually grows in hot and humid tropical areas. After the explosion in the past centuries in the East, today it is also widely used on our tables. Here are the tricks to grow it easily.

Where does ginger come from

Whether you use it for an infusion or a fish dish, you cannot deny that ginger is increasingly present in our kitchens. In the past imported from China and India, today it is also very common in Italy and think, in reality it is not native to any of these three countries. In fact, this plant was born in tropical areas, to then become over the centuries almost exclusively a product of the Far East.

In Italy it is usually grown in pots, so it is not difficult to take care of it even at home.

How and where ginger is grown at home

As already mentioned, the ginger plant is used to high temperatures and humid heat. For this we must follow specific precautions so that it grows and does not suffer on our terraces.

If you want to grow it at home, in fact, you must keep in mind that below 15 ° the plant risks dying quickly, so the months indicated for its production are those ranging from September to April, from late autumn to late spring. But don’t worry, the plant holds up well even temperatures above 40 °.

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So if you are wondering how to shelter it from the most glacial cold, the ideal would be keep the plant in a warm greenhouse or at home in the colder months, and don’t leave it on the balcony. In the warmer months, a sunny or partial shade exposure is fine.

You will need a large vase, with a diameter of 30 centimeters or more, to allow the roots to grow. You can also use a wooden box, and even a jute or wool sack.

The tricks for growing the plant

Once you’ve made sure you have the right pot and temperature, you can start planting ginger. You will need organic rhizomes (roots) to put in the ground.

On the bottom, however, it is advisable to put gods pebbles or small stones, to allow the drainage of the soil, which must be rich in organic substances. After putting two layers, one more substantial (preferably of draining soil in fact) and one thinner, you can plant your roots, making sure that they have the shoots upwards. Never fill the pot to the brim, every time the green shoots of the plant begin to sprout, they will be covered with more earth. Thus it will continue to grow upwards, also increasing the size of the roots.

One of the obstacles in its growth is the stagnation of water, which is necessary but harmful if it is too much. Before watering, therefore, always make sure that the substrate is dry, and make sure that it is always sprayed at the right point. In short, do it regularly but not in abundance.

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Only in autumn and spring should a organic fertilizer. If you want to put multiple seedlings in the same pot, make sure they are 20 centimeters apart.

An advice? Ginger does not require a lot of care, and you can take care of it at home even with your children.

How to harvest and store ginger

Ginger must always be harvested at the end of the season, when it has finished fruiting, that is, after about 8 months. At this point the leaves will turn yellow and begin to dry out.

To extract your rhizomes it is best to use only your hands, with gardening gloves, and not tools that could damage the roots. In fact, if you want to continue your cultivation, it will be good to leave some for the new earth cycle.

Depending on the use you want to make of it, there are different types of conservation. First of all clean the bulbs from the excess soil, wash it and dry it. For those who want to use them fresh, the advice is keep them in the fridge, wrapped in plastic wrap for about 2-3 weeks. Or you can slice your ginger and keep it pickled or in sherry, or put the roots in a paper or cloth bag, in the dark and dry, making sure that they dry slightly and do not sprout.

If you want to use it dry you have to keep it to dry in the sun for about a month (or use a dryer) and then consume it in a glass jar in your pantry, or cut into slices or powdered. How to crumble it? Just put the dried slices in a coffee grinder to obtain a fine powder.

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How to use it in the kitchen and its properties

Regular consumption of ginger, according to recent research, can reduce the risk of cancer by 90%. His essential oilIt also stops nausea, seasickness and motion sickness in the bud. Not only that, it stimulates gastric juices, and acts as an analgesic. This is why ginger is so used in calming herbal teas and infusions for our stomach.

The use of dried powdered rhizome is increasingly common for ginger beer, ginger beer, very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries and which can even be made at home, following the most tested recipes, but also for liqueurs and flavored drinks. In oriental cuisine, on the other hand, especially the Japanese one, it is also used to remove the flavor of food between courses.

Ginger is also commonly used in cooking as a spice, to season fish, meat and soups. And finally, the famous water and gingerwhich does not lose weight by itself, but helps our metabolism to give itself a good shake, so that it is he who makes us lose a few extra pounds, always as long as we follow the right diet.

It is not just a fat burner though: ginger avoids the stagnation of liquids, so this drink is purifying and diuretic, it keeps blood sugar at bay, because it balances the sugar levels in our body (which is why it should not be taken by diabetics), it promotes digestion and it is antioxidant.

In short, if you are not yet taking ginger in your diet, these are many excellent reasons to start doing it right away.

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