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Hair Loss: What Helps Men 2022

Hair Loss: What Helps Men, when the receding hairline corners appear, men get involved in all sorts of dubious means. Hair Loss, however, only three methods have been proven to be effective.

Hair Loss, Vampire lifting is a method that promises women firmer skin with smoothed wrinkles. For this, they can inject their own, prepared blood under the skin of the face.

Hair Loss, Now aesthetic surgeons have chosen men as a new target group. In these cases, autologous blood therapy is intended to stimulate the hair roots and let the hair sprout. However, several sessions are necessary for this. A profitable business for doctors. Scientific evidence for the method? No.

Hair loss scratches the male self-confidence

Hair Loss, Nevertheless, the calculations of the cosmetic surgeons could work out. If men notice the fading on the head, especially at a young age, self-esteem quickly suffers. And mostly those who have already lost the fight voluntarily let themselves be shaved completely bald. The majority ticks differently: she still lets herself be pleased with receding hairlines, but a bald head does not work at all with vain men.

Hair Loss, Resourceful sales strategists take advantage of the plight of men. Whether hair conditioners, vitamin tablets, medicinal herbs, botox injections, shampoo massages, caffeine or laser therapy – for dubious offers, some people willingly pull out their purses. The only thing that is stupid is that success usually does not happen.

Minoxidil: blood pressure medication as a hair growth agent?

Hair Loss, Only two drugs and hair transplantation are proven effective, and not for everyone. Of course, you have to pay here yourself. The first method was discovered by chance. At the beginning of the 70s, the active ingredient minoxidil for the treatment of hypertension came onto the market. It is still approved as a reserve drug for this application today. But women in particular soon complained of an undesirable side effect: the tablets caused the hair to grow increasingly on almost the entire body.

Manufacturers took advantage of this. They produced solutions and foams that are applied to the head and usually act only there. Men can rub a five percent solution or foam into light hair twice a day. “You should start early, then the hair loss can be stopped,” says dermatologist Dr. Andreas Finner, a specialist in hair medicine and transplantation in Berlin. “Often there is even an improvement.”

Hair Loss, However, studies suggest that one should not expect a miracle. Most often, existing fluff thickens and increases in size. Until this becomes visible, months pass. The daily dose of the over-the-counter remedy costs around one euro. Possible side effects are hair growth in unwanted places, scalp irritation, or an allergy. Only very rarely, with local application, blood pressure drops sharply, associated with dizziness and palpitations.

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Hair Loss: What Helps Men
Hair Loss: What Helps Men

Remedies for prostate enlargement inhibit hair loss

Hair Loss, Finner considers the active ingredient finasteride to be more effective in the longer term (daily cost: around two euros). The prescription tablets intervene in the mechanism that causes the hair to fall out with inherited sensitivity. The reason is the “male hormone” testosterone, which is converted locally into the much more effective dihydrotestosterone.

Hair Loss, This conversion inhibits finasteride, although not completely. As a result, the active ingredient, which is used in higher doses against benign prostatic syndrome, slows down hair loss – and causes an average of around 17 additional hairs per square centimeter to sprout in about three-quarters of those treated, according to at least the result of a study with more than 1500 participants. For lasting effectiveness, it must be used permanently, as well as minoxidil.

Critical effects on hormonal balance and sexuality

Hair Loss, To a lesser extent, finasteride has those side effects that are also known from prostate therapy. It causes the breasts to grow and hurt in less than one in 1000 men. The European Medicines Agency cannot completely rule out the possibility that it causes breast cancer in men in extremely rare cases.

Hair Loss, The most common are other side effects: in about one in 50 people treated, the desire for sex or erection decreases, and fertility may also be impaired.

What hair therapists consider acceptable, other doctors find questionable. The pharmaceutical “drug letter” even calls for finasteride to be withdrawn from the approval for use on the hair. In the case of purely cosmetic therapy, a deep intervention in the hormonal balance, including side effects, is not responsible.

Hair transplantation: hair growth without hormones

Hair Loss, For those who follow this reasoning or for whom the drugs do not work, there is a third solution: a hair transplant makes the problem temporarily or even permanently forgotten. Since celebrities have made themselves known, transplanting their own hair has become socially acceptable.

Hair Loss, Two methods have prevailed. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The strip technique is cheaper. Who chooses them, does not betray himself for weeks with a stubble bald head, because only a narrow strip is shaved and the seam can be covered with hair. However, there remains a scar that is clearly visible when the skull is shaved.

Hair Loss, Impaired wound healing, or inflammation is possible with both techniques, but rarely. This is due to the fact that the scalp is very well supplied with blood, which promotes healing. “With the single hair technique, you cause a much larger wound because numerous small holes are pierced on a larger area,” explains surgeon Dr. Frank Neidel, who runs a hair transplant practice in Düsseldorf.

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Hair follicles are transplanted

Because not all hair is sensitive to hormones, men with severe hair loss usually keep a hair ring at the back of the head. About half of the hair from this area can be removed without it being noticeable. In total, these are 4000 to 7000 “follicular units” with one to five hairs that can be transplanted forward – in full consciousness under local anesthesia.

However, this rarely happens in a single session. “The younger the patients come, the more important it is to have a reserve ready for progressive hair loss,” explains Neidel. Those wishing to transplant should know that the grafts cannot be placed as tightly as in the natural state. “Depending on the hair density, blood circulation and size of the bald patch, we transplant 10 to 40 units per square centimeter,” says Neidel. Of course, 80 to 100 would be.

His patients pay between 3000 and 8000 euros for the procedure, depending on the effort. There are both cheaper and more expensive offers. To whom the procedure is worth it, but first of all should pay attention to the experience of the doctor. Even if surgeons like Neidel describe the operation very soberly: one should not trivialize the procedure. The wounds bleed, and a scab is formed. This is even desirable because it prevents the grafts from slipping or falling out.

Hair Loss: What Helps Men
Hair Loss: What Helps Men

Also, transplanted hair thins out

Three to four days after the procedure, those treated look “like after a boxing match,” admits Neidel: the eyes are swollen, the face color is crimson. No need to worry, he assures: “After two weeks at the latest, this is over.”

In principle, transplanted hair grows for life. But this is only half the truth: of the follicular units, which often consist of several hairs, often only the strongest remains with increasing age. So, some thinning is inevitable in the late course of transplantation.

But maybe by then, at the latest, a man no longer attaches particular importance to full hair. How important this is, he should question anyway. Not everyone looks older with baldness, rather, it emphasizes the type and gives a certain sex appeal to many men. Those who are bald radiate self-confidence, power and dominance, as researchers recently concluded from a study.

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What really helps against hair loss in men?

Really effective in genetically determined hair loss are only drugs that affect the living cells directly under the scalp. The top sellers among the approved active ingredients are finasteride and minoxidil.

What helps against hair loss men of course?

Various home remedies for hair loss are also recommended. They are applied to the scalp and massaged in, should act, and then rinsed out again. Apple cider vinegar, nettle extract, coconut oil, coffee, beer, or argan oil are especially popular here.

How to stop hair loss?

In the case of hereditary hair loss, the active ingredient minoxidil is often used as a foam or solution. It promotes the blood circulation of the scalp and allows strong hair to grow back. This can stop hair loss. The effect is especially good on smaller hairless areas.

What promotes hair growth in men?

Especially important for hair growth are B vitamins, proteins, silicon, and antioxidants. This means: eating a lot of green vegetables, more often fish or steak, nuts, and fruits. And stay tuned: Because it takes a while. before the better-cared hair sprouts from the scalp.

How do I get my hair back?

However, it has only been proven that two preparations actually stop hair loss: tablets with the active ingredient finasteride and the minoxidil solution.

What stops hair loss immediately?

The active ingredient minoxidil, which is also contained in REGAINE® for women, has proven itself against plant-related hair loss. Minoxidil promotes blood circulation in the hair follicles and provides an improved supply of nutrients. As a result, the activity of the hair roots is stimulated.

What not to eat in case of hair loss?

High-fat food promotes hair loss. A diet that includes a lot of fat and meat increases testosterone levels. This, in turn, may have a night-time effect on the hair follicles.

When does hair loss stop in men?

Male pattern baldness occurs in most patients at the end of puberty and progresses rapidly by the age of 20-30 years, and by the age of 30-35, there is a reduction in hair loss.

Why does hair fall out in men?

Hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) is by far the most common form of hair loss and mainly affects men: in those affected, the hair roots have a genetically determined hypersensitivity to male sex hormones (androgens), including, above all, to dihydropteroate ( …

Why does my hair fall out man?

But diffuse hair loss also affects men, although less often than women. Here, especially unfavorable influences such as stress, smoking, too little sleep or a poor diet lead to thinning and loss of hair.

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