Hair removal at home in 7 ways

Hair removal is undoubtedly one of the most boring procedures in the care of every woman. Especially during the summer season, when the need to remove unwanted hair is usually more frequent and. urgent.

If for any reason you don’t want to run to a beautician or dermatologist and you’re looking for the best way to do hair removal at home, we’ve prepared a guide for you with all the methods you can use.

Some of the following methods offer longer-lasting results or even permanent radical hair removal, while others (such as shaving or cream) are ideal as a quicker solution.

See below in detail what each home hair removal method offers and choose the ideal one for your needs.

Shaving: The easy and quick solution

The simplest, painless and fastest method to temporarily get rid of leg, bikini and underarm hair is a razor. It can be done comfortably and easily at home, but its duration is very short compared to other methods and hairs may come out wilder and harder after 2-3 days. In essence, the razor cuts the hair at the level of the skin’s surface.

So shaving can be easy, quick and economical, however, beyond the short duration, there are times when red pimples appear after shaving with ingrown hairs and intense itching. This is the so-called folliculitis which can be treated in many ways. The most characteristic is exfoliation.

If you prefer this method of hair removal at home, see the secrets to a perfect long-lasting leg shave, as well as how to get the best result from underarm shaving.

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Waxing at home

Another one of the methods that women choose for hair removal even at home is waxing. Whether it is a natural or an artificial product, the effect is longer lasting but also tends to reduce the density of hair growth.

It removes the hair from the root, leaving the skin soft, but painful. There are of course secrets that will help you reduce the pain of hair removal.

So regardless of whether you choose cold, hot or strip wax, you can easily do radical hair removal from any part of the body. The wax is used both on the bikini, arms and legs, as well as on the face.

Find out more about waxing and how to do it at home.

Homemade Halawa for natural hair removal with honey

Hair removal with honey is a natural method that has a similar technique to wax and the same results. Hairs are pulled and pulled out from the root, while gradually weakening and hair growth is reduced, leaving the skin velvety. Due to its natural origin, it has rare allergic reactions.

So you can find ready-made halawa in cosmetic stores, but also in supermarkets. But if you want, you can make your own using simple ingredients from your kitchen.

See the recipe for homemade halawa, as well as the secrets to perfect hair removal with this method.

Depilatory cream for the removal of unwanted hair growth

Hair removal cream is also a very easy and painless option for removing unwanted hair from the body, bikini, and face. However, it is not suitable for sensitive skin, nor for full bikini hair removal.

It works by essentially burning the hair with the chemical ingredients it contains. The result is therefore superficial and similar to that of a razor, with the difference that it may take 1-2 days longer for hair growth to appear. However, caution is needed as in some cases it may also cause skin burns.

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There are many different brands on the market, which cover every need. Some of them use a special plastic spatula or a sponge to remove the hair removal cream.

Hair removal machine for long-lasting results

Another hair removal method that lasts a long time (about 3 weeks) and weakens the hair over time, removing it from the root, is the machine. It is slightly painful, but the more you use it, the intensity of the pain decreases due to the habit, but also the weakening of the roots.

It can be used on legs, arms, bikini and face, leaving the skin soft and clean, without black pores or other imperfections.

In the trade you will find many different models, both in brands and in the end result and what they offer. Some of them are wireless, others are waterproof and some exfoliate the skin at the same time. Of course, all this affects their price. That is why you will find economical options of 30-50 euros, but also some that reach 100.

You should keep in mind that the movements you will make with the machine must be slow, at a right angle to the skin, opposite to the direction in which the hair grows and must be done on clean skin.

Facial hair removal with threading at home

Threading is a method used mainly in facial hair removal and in areas with a small area of ​​unwanted hair growth. Removes hair from the root and is long lasting.

It is not a difficult technique, but unfortunately not many women or beauticians choose it. But if you consider the precision of this epilator and the fact that it painlessly removes many hairs at once, you might think again.

With a little practice and patience you can learn how to thread your mustache and eyebrows yourself.

Also, find out what other ways you can remove unwanted mustache hair.

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IPL laser / photolysis for permanent hair removal at home

The most permanent method for hair removal at home is photolysis. You no longer need to necessarily visit a dermatologist, since you can take advantage of the properties of pulsed light from the comfort of your couch.

IPL is applied both on the legs and arms, as well as on the bikini line or the face, gradually reducing the appearance of unwanted hair until it is completely eliminated forever. You will of course need to do a series of ‘sessions’ to get to the final stage.

With each stroke of light, the hair follicle heats up and burns. However, there are also cases where the hair does not completely stop appearing and this is usually due to the hormonal profile of each woman.

Radical laser hair removal at home is ideal for fair skin and dark hair. When it comes to blonde or gray hair it may not be as effective, while on very tanned skin there is the possibility of discoloration.

It is worth noting that before using the laser you need to depilate the area. But not with any of the methods that remove the root, such as wax, halawa or epilator. We need the root to destroy it completely. Shaving in this case is the ideal suggestion.

Also, while you are doing laser hair removal you should not go out in the sun and you should always wear sunscreen.

In case your skin is hot after IPL application, apply cold compresses with a cotton cloth or towel.

In stores you will find many different laser hair removal devices. Their price starts from 250 dollars and reaches around 450. However, what you should pay attention to when buying, is that there must be medical certification.

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