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Hair Tattoo is a widespread problem that men and women suffer from equally. Head Tattoo Hair, many sufferers decide to have a hair transplant to fill up light areas and thus restore the hair at least visually. The procedure is suitable for many, but not for every patient. Especially with severe hair loss, it is useful to Hair Tattoo the missing hair.

The goal of hair pigmentation is to Hair Tattoo deceptively real hair and stimulate healthy hair growth in this way. When tattooing hair, the most modern medical techniques are used. With the help of micro-hair pigmentation, it is possible to achieve a long-lasting and visually attractive result. By tattooing the hair, the customer receives a dense hair structure that is indistinguishable from a real short hairstyle.

Hair Tattoo as an alternative to transplantation

Hair loss can have very different causes. These include, for example, stress, medication, or an existing illness. However, in most cases, hair loss is due to genetic causes. In men, it then comes to the typical pattern with receding hairline and baldness. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to suffer from the so-called diffuse hair loss, in which the hair clears in the entire head area. For those affected, hair loss usually represents a great psychological burden. Therefore, when hair loss becomes visible, many people decide to transplant.

In hair transplant, healthy hair is transplanted to the bald areas. By a clever redistribution, the hair loss can be somewhat concealed. However, the amount of donor’s hair is limited, as the existing hair is simply redistributed. According to the current state of medicine, it is not possible to reproduce healthy hair. In patients with severe hair loss and little residual hair, the result is therefore usually not very satisfactory.

If a transplant is out of the question, Hair Tattoo is a worthwhile alternative. In the case of micro-hair pigmentation, the hair growth is simulated deceptively real in all bald areas. There are no limits to the pigmented as far as the number and distribution of the hair are concerned. Even without complex surgical intervention, an attractive overall picture can be achieved in this way, which often even conceals the resulting hair loss much better.

How does Hair Tattoo work?

Hair Tattoo is a gentle and comparatively inexpensive procedure that can in principle be used for any form of hair loss. The treatment aims to pigment missing hair and thus give the impression of a full head of hair. As a result, the patient regains his vital, dynamic appearance. In contrast to transplantation, the existing residual hair remains completely untouched when Hair Tattoo. So there is no risk that healthy hair roots will be damaged or even destroyed.

Hair Tattoo deceptively real hair, a high level of experience and professional knowledge is required. The hair pigmentation specialist must first analyze the bald areas, determine a new hairline and adjust the color intensity to the existing residual hair. When tattooing hair, it is based on the hair density of the remaining hair, so that the overall picture blends harmoniously into the natural hair growth.

In contrast to hair transplantation, the result of the Hair Tattoo is immediately and permanently visible. As a rule, immediately after treatment, there is slight redness, but it subsides after 1-3 days. Depending on the degree of hair loss, it is required to Hair Tattoo in 3-4 sessions. Hair Tattoo can be expanded or refreshed at any time at a later date. Re-pigmenting after a few years helps to maintain a high-contrast and natural-looking appearance in the long term.

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Hair Tattoo
Hair Tattoo

Hair Tattoo – permanent and safe solution

The decision to get a Hair Tattoo offers numerous advantages to those affected. It is a very safe treatment method that does not require complex surgical intervention. When tattooing hair, any tattoo inks are not used, but specially selected color pigments. These are dermatologically tested and also reduce the risk of allergic reactions when Hair Tattoo.

In the case of transplantation of own hair, the surgeon has natural limits. In addition, there is a risk that part of the hair will fall out despite the transplant. This applies in particular to patients in whom hair loss is progressing even further, i.e. has not yet reached its final extent.

If you get a Hair Tattoo instead, you will get a permanently satisfying and expandable result. The tattooed hair will last a lifetime and should be refreshed about every 3-5 years.

In addition, when Hair Tattoo, a perfect design of the hairline is possible. While the number of healthy hairs must always be taken into account during a transplant, there are no limits for the pigmentation specialist when it comes to hair pigmentation. He can thus determine the hair course as required by the make–up artist – regardless of whether the patient has only a slightly receding hairline or suffers from large-scale hair loss. Even with thinned hair, deceptively real hair can be tattooed and thus simulate full hair growth.

Hair Tattoo: what are the costs?

A qualitatively excellent Hair Tattoo lies worldwide at a price level of a middle-class hair transplant. However, it is not possible to say in general what the costs for hair pigmentation are in the individual case. Depending on the extent of the hair loss, the price can vary greatly from customer to customer. The most frequently mentioned price range worldwide is between €2500,- and €4000,-

There is also the possibility of getting a Hair Tattoo after a poorly performed transplant. In this way, scars can be concealed and light results can be concealed.

The cost of a Hair Tattoo in this case depends on the extent of the scar. Based on a photo, the pigmented can usually estimate well what costs can be expected in the individual case.

Hair Tattoo for a dynamic, vital look

Full hair testifies to youth, vitality, and health. If the hair falls out with increasing age, hair pigmentation provides a quick and lasting remedy. In contrast to transplantation, treatment involves minimal effort and requires little follow-up. Those affected who have their Hair Tattoo immediately get visually fuller hair – without long waiting times, in which bald spots have to be painstakingly concealed.

Thanks to the various design options, Hair Tattoo is also ideal for concealing scars or making thinning hair look optically fuller.

Micro-hair pigmentation is particularly suitable for people with severe hair loss, for whom transplantation is out of the question. In principle, it is possible to Hair Tattoo with any form of hair loss, from slight receding hairline corners to full baldness. Even afterward, the patient can refresh the pigmentation at any time and have more hair tattooed. Thus, the head of hair still looks fresh and dynamic even after years.

Side effects and risks

Hair Tattoo
Hair Tattoo

The hypoallergenic color pigments, which are placed under the epidermis, can be broken down by the body very well, so side effects are not to be expected. At most, there is a short-term swelling or slight scab formation.

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Nevertheless, after such a cosmetic procedure, direct UV irradiation should be avoided for about two weeks. It is therefore advisable to take care of your skin with headgear during a long stay outdoors or at least to apply sufficient sun protection. Sweating should be avoided if possible. In addition, in order not to irritate the scalp unnecessarily, the use of hair care and styling products should be abandoned for five days.

Who is hair pigmentation suitable for?

Hair Tattoo is excellent for short hairstyles with light hair. The less dense or even bald spots are visually filled up so that the hair appears denser. The result of hair pigmentation is different from a conventional tattoo or permanent make-up, but 100% natural and does not look as painted on.

Hair Tattoo is particularly suitable for compacting the tonsure area since there is often not enough natural donor hair available for the back of the head. Rather unsuitable is the hair pigmentation for filling the receding hairline corners.

Rather unsuitable is the Hair Tattoo, if you have bald spots but long hair. Since the hair is only feigned, the pigmented areas, which nevertheless remain bald, would stand out between the long hair. Nevertheless, hair pigmentation can be useful for long hair if only optical compaction of the naturally present hair is desired. Whether the method is suitable for you must ultimately be clarified individually during a preliminary discussion.

The cost of Hair Tattoo

Depending on the extent of the desired treatment, costs between 300 and 5000 euros are to be expected. If optical densification of a bald spot is desired, the effort is of course less than if treatment of the entire scalp is sought.

The time factor also plays a role, since some of the methods take more time than others. Nevertheless, this method, if it is suitable for you personally, is more cost-effective than a hair transplant.

The procedure of a Hair Tattoo

Although Hair Tattoo is not a surgical procedure, but a purely cosmetic one, a preliminary consultation is required. Only in this way can a satisfactory result be achieved. Depending on the institution, it is sufficient to send photos for assessment, consultations via Skype are also possible. During this preliminary talk, the trained specialist looks at the fullness of the hair, among other things, and asks what length the hair would like to be worn. Depending on the desired goal, a treatment plan is drawn up and the desired date is agreed upon. To achieve the most natural result possible, usually between three and four treatment appointments are scheduled.

Before the first appointment, preferably one day before, the desired hairstyle should be cut at the hairdresser, which you want to wear. This ensures that a natural look tailored to the hairstyle is created.

If there is skin irritation, wound, or similar on the head at the appointment, you should postpone the appointment. Although this non-invasive procedure takes meticulous care to comply with hygiene standards, infections cannot be ruled out otherwise.

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How long does a hair tattoo last?
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In contrast to the tattoo on the skin, hair tattoo naturally disappears after two to four weeks, when the hair grows back. If the motive or the result does not convince you 100 percent, fortunately, you only have to practice a little patience or grab a razor.

How much does a hair tattoo cost?

The cost of a hair tattoo treatment (Micro Hair pigmentation) varies from specialist to specialist. On average, the treatment price of a provider is between €1999,- and €2799,-, including VAT. These prices are of course for the treatment of the scalp area.

Is it possible to tattoo hair?

In principle, it is possible to tattoo hair with any form of hair loss, from slight receding hairline corners to full baldness. Even afterward, the patient can refresh the pigmentation at any time and have more hair tattooed.

Is hair pigmentation dangerous?

Hair pigmentation disadvantages. While hair transplantation allows hair to sprout again even in bald areas, hair pigmentation has the disadvantage that no new hair will sprout. Instead, the hair pigmentation gives the impression that natural hair pigments exist.

Is it possible to tattoo the scalp?

Trichopigmentation also called medical scalp pigmentation or micro hair tattoo, is the new method against baldness, receding hairline, light hair, or visible scars on the scalp.

Is hair pigmentation permanent?

Hair pigmentation itself lasts a lifetime. Although the pigments continue to fade over time, they will never completely disappear.

How long does hair pigmentation take?

How long does the result last after hair pigmentation? The durability of the coloring pigments depends on the type of skin and how much you spend in the sun. On average, the color lasts for two to four years, after which the pigments begin to fade.

What is the benefit of hair pigmentation?

What is hair pigmentation? Hair pigmentation, scalp pigmentation, micro hair pigmentation (short: MHP), or micro hair is a procedure in which color pigments are introduced into the light scalp with fine needles in order to optically compact or fill up light or bald areas.

How painful is a tattoo on the head?

This starts with the fact that a head tattoo is much more painful than a tattoo on other parts of the body. The skin on the head is very thin and sensitive, in addition, there is a bone directly under it and, at least in most people, very little fatty tissue.

How much does a micro hair tattoo cost?

How much does a micro hair pigmentation cost? The costs depend on the area of the site to be treated. For smaller areas, you should plan about 500 to 650 euros. The pigmentation of a full head of hair, on the other hand, costs up to 5000 euros.

Is hair pigmentation a tattoo?

Hair pigmentation is a painless alternative to hair transplantation. In principle, it works like a tattoo or permanent makeup. In this case, color pigments 0.6 to 1.2 mm are used under the skin to make the hair appear fuller.

How is hair implanted?

In hair transplantation, your own hair is transplanted. The hair is taken from the hair wreath, which is densely overgrown and transplanted to bald areas of the head. The term hair implantation usually refers to hair transplantation.

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