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Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences 2022 NEW

Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences, If foreign tissue is transplanted, an immunological defense reaction inevitably occurs in the recipient’s organism.

Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences, Physicians distinguish between the acute rejection reaction that occurs in the first time after surgery and the chronic rejection reaction. The latter progresses slowly over months and years and destroys the graft in a creeping process.

Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences, In order to prevent this and to maintain the functionality of the foreign organ, organ transplanted patients must be treated with immunosuppressants throughout their lives. These drugs dampen the body’s defenses, thereby suppressing the rejection reaction. An undesirable side effect is an increased susceptibility to infection with bacteria, viruses and fungi. In the first weeks after transplantation, the risk of infection is particularly great. In order to prevent an acute rejection reaction, doctors have to dose immunosuppressive drugs at a high dose in this critical early phase.

What are the long-term effects of organ transplantation?

Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences, True, after the early period, the dose of immunosuppressants can be reduced. But the treatment remains a tightrope walk for a lifetime. The doctor must repeatedly adjust the dose individually for each individual patient. On the one hand, it is necessary to counteract the threat of organ rejection. On the other hand, the immune system must not be weakened so much that the transplanted pathogens are more or less defenseless. That is why the principle always applies to immunosuppressive therapy: as much as necessary and as little as possible.

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Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences, Also because permanent immunosuppression increases the risk of certain cancers. This is especially true for skin cancer and for cancers in which viruses are involved – such as Kaposi sarcoma and certain lymphomas. Despite all these risks, the chances are very good today that an organ transplant will be successful and that those affected will be able to live a largely normal life again.

Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences
Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences

Treatment after tissue and cell transplants

Hair Transplant: Risks And Consequences, In tissue and cell transplants, the rejection reaction is generally weaker. That is why patients need fewer immunosuppressive drugs, which reduces the risk of side effects. Often, immunosuppressive therapy can be completely discontinued after a certain period of time or is not necessary from the outset – such as with a cartilage transplant.

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